Call of Duty MW3 DLC

We all hope the DLC includes maps obviously, but could the release of maps happen differently than in the past? For example, in the past map packs, you received a bundle of 4 to 6 maps. Will we see a single new map a month for 9 months rather than complete packs of maps? Hopefully they won’t re-release old maps from older games as they have in the past.

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Shackdaddy8362599d ago

That's why you shouldn't buy that elite stuff. You have no idea what you are paying 50 bucks for.

I mean, even if you really really want it then you should at least wait a year to see what it's all about.

solidworm2598d ago

casual gamers who buy one game per year will spend all their money on COD,....and Activision know it.

Hufandpuf2598d ago

old remade maps will be included, there's no debating that.

chickens2598d ago

i actually hope they do. i want rust and terminal to be included.
actually i preferred most of the mw2 maps. never really played any other cod game.

Kee2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Dude, if you want those maps, just play MW2. I want new maps, not old ones. Plus they shouldn't be charging us again for maps from games we already bought. They should transfer over like songs in rock band used to do.

Klaykid1232598d ago

@Kee, plus you wouldn't be missing out much on graphics/gameplay.

Sticky__Rice2598d ago

How about releasing a complete game with everything already on the disk? They charge like $15 per DLC pack. That plus the $60 game itself... idk /:

TheUndertaker852598d ago

I don't see how people can't agree with this.

So you spent $60 on Black Ops
Then you spent another $60 on the DLC

... There's not some sort of problem with that? $60 for DLC which could've covered the cost of another game?

Plus do people realize the little hidden messages in posts they make without realizing it? If you're talking about DLC for a title before the game itself even comes out, subconsciously you're counting on the game itself to blow.

Even Activision is talking up the Elite package, something users in truth will only use for DLC before the game comes out. Since when did that deliver any sort of good message?

Les-Grossman2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Why would people wait a year before buying Elite when by then the next game will be out ?

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