Driver: San Francisco Review [] "These days you can break racing games into two categories: open world and closed track. Closed track titles are all about the car themselves, the realism, and authentic feel of each vehicle. Often the tracks themselves are taken from real world locations, or genuine settings in order to enhance the feeling of authenticity. Open world, or sandbox games, are a bit different. Missions are spread out through a city-wide track that all have racing oriented goals, and let the player familiarize themselves with the road in a way that a closed track often times cannot compete with. Driver: San Francisco is an open world game, so racing fans should already know that picking up a copy means getting ready for some city-wide exploring. What they might not be prepared for is the ability to spiritually disconnect from the car they're using in order to possess any other driver all over the city and use their car for your own needs. Interested? You should be."

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ShawnCollier2648d ago

Looks like it "drove" into a good score. :)