Why the Vita will Outperform the 3DS in 2012

Jason Dunning of Geek Revolt writes:

"After Sony announced that the Playstation Vita wouldn’t be launching until sometime in 2012, it all but confirmed that the 3DS would have a strong holiday season. The 3DS has no competition this holiday season, a low price of $169.99 and eventual 10 million sellers Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 launching before the end of the year. Nintendo is sitting in a great spot right now. Next year, however, is a different story."

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Jio2687d ago

The PS Vita is the most exciting portable in my opinion.

Game4life2687d ago

It"s looking like a great portable indeed.

Nitendo has a conference early next week just for it though so be prepared for some titles to be announced along with that lame revision.(i don"t wanna get a revision. they should have made it said way before) Then the vita has tgs for more games to be announced. It will be interesting to say the least

DeeZee2687d ago

Yeah, I don't think Nintendo will announce a revision this soon. That would be a major slap in the face to all their fans, mor ethan the price drop.

darthv722687d ago

it is pretty common that after something is released the mfg we should have done that. Then they make changes to improve it.

If done at the right time, you dont fragment the early adopters as much and you will sell more of the new and improved units. Just look at the psp 1000. When sony opted to revise it and actually add more memory to it people thought it wouldnt work and create a segmented userbase.

Not true (not entirely true). They sold more of the newer 2000 and later the 3000 than they did the 1000 to begin with. So if nintendo has found a way to improve the unit that would yeild them a higher percentage of sell through then so be it.

Besides, it isnt about the technical abilities that sells the system. Its about the games and whether or not they appeal to the consumers on a mass level.

NukaCola2687d ago

The 3DS is a DS with a blurry 3D screen. Slightly updated graphics, and a few bells and whistles. It's line up sucks, and it's online is horrid.

The Vita has everything the 3DS has minus 3D, but does it at 10x the power. Vita has a better camera that does true augmented realisy on SMART-AR technology. It has the OLED screen, back touch, PSN intergration, Skype app, you can email DLC and content to friends and jump instantly into them. It's getting COD with online play. It's line up is beyond stellar, it's launch line up is great. It's WiFi on a damn N channel for pete's sake. It's got a 3G option, it's got full Ps3 intergration, trophies, a PARTY system that looks to exceed that even of LIVE. It's getting movie and TV apps, has GPS, true full sixaxis. It's pretty much everything you could ever need or want in a tablet, phone, and handheld all rolled into one little monster. Plus it is a PS device, which means through frim ware it'll only get better, and if it's launching with something like Uncharted Golden Abyss, which blows Drake's Fortune away (mind you the Vita screen and game look better than the 1st UC on big screen). Look I just done made a mess in my...anyway. I can't wait for it.

I hope they start releasing big titles on it too. I would love if they put Fallout 3 on it, but using the Vita tech for various uses like the touch screen to select targets in V.A.T.S. and in the pip boy, and defininetly to aim while zooming and what not. Man I bet they could put anything on this.

ronin4life2686d ago

Nuka cola, my 3DS screen is not blurry at all.
Is yours broken?

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garos822687d ago

dont care if outperforms 3ds in sales but it certainly will outperform in raw power and innovations.
the ds in my opinion is the best handheld ever released with some of the best games iver ever played.
the 3ds not so much and the vita seems extremely exciting

BlmThug2687d ago

Greatest handheld to ever be made IMO

smashcrashbash2687d ago

Well that still remains to be seen. But it has an excellent chance in my book. I am practically drooling over the amount of games and features

jairusmonillas2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

PS Vita is everything a true gamer wished for a portable system. Legit Dual Stick + Online play + HD graphics for Portable + Touchscreen, BackTouchpad + High End Graphics.

Vita = 3DS is really like Vita w/ next gen games = PSP 1.5 with 3D w/ last gen ports

darthv722687d ago

sans the improvements you mentioned, the same sentiment was applied to the psp before it was released.

Will the vita be technically superior to the 3ds is no question. Will the vita appeal to the masses MORE than the

For that it is just a wait and see.

DeeZee2687d ago

The masses might be more interested in Mario games than Uncharted, so I wouldn't be surprised if things swung in the 3DS' favor. But with that said, I think the Vita's lineup is too good to ignore.

Phazon1172687d ago

Because being $80-$130 more expensive means nothing.

DeeZee2687d ago

Ha-ha, yeah price might be the most import thing here.

darthv722687d ago

that is (or should be) the single most important reason right there.

The question now is. Do we want to play games we have played on the console or do we want to play games that are new and different?

SoapShoes2687d ago

It has never been a problem for Nintendo. They are releasing port after port of N64 games. All of their franchises on DS were also on GC/Wii, etc...

colonel1792687d ago

And yet, I hope that they release Majora's Mask 3D sometime next year. The only game I'm interested now is Mario 3D Land. I don't see other games that interest me so much for the 3DS

room4142687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

"Do we want to play games we have played on the console or do we want to play games that are new and different?"

Why do people always say this as though the two things are mutually exclusive. It's not out of the realm of possibility for a handheld to do both you know.

sashimi2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

"Do we want to play games we have played on the console or do we want to play games that are new and different?"

Both of those questions applies to the PsVita since it will get new and different games plus remakes and also have console type games.

Beside Nintendo is releasing port after port of old 64 it really isn't new...what new games can it offer? clearly they aren't in the business of creating new IPs, just reusing of the same.

So the real question is do you want to play Nintendo Ips or more new IPs and experience the next level of portable gaming for the next 5 years.

smashcrashbash2687d ago

Your misinformed unfortunately. If you had been paying attention to the VITA up to this point you will see that several games have been announced that are not on the console Like Gravity Daze Sound Shapes, Reality Fighters, Spidey, Escape Plan, Lil Deviants, Dragon's Crown, Ruin, Smart AS and several others. Not to mention there were even more in Famitsu recently.

It thought you were a sensible person until you started up the 'games we played on the console' rubbish that we already went through several times over and over again while naming the list of games announced many times.

And that we already have pointed out that Nintendo is doing the same thing with ports and remakes like Zelda OOT, MGS3,Ridge Racer, STF4 and Star Fox 64. If you want to start a fight then please go somewhere else.

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