Afrika PS3 Screens

Two new screens from the mysterious SCE game entitled Afrika have made their way on to the net. The images are of, well, Africa, with a few giraffes and zebras to boot. Sony has not released any other info about this game as of yet.

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Marriot VP5392d ago



andy capps5392d ago

I said the same thing, except for Xbox 360 when I saw the first in-game shots for Forza 2.

subcell5392d ago

I want details for this game.

Anyone has some?

specialguest5392d ago

yeah i got some. the village people 3d modeling sucks. they look all cartoony and deformed, unlike the animals.

kikilala5390d ago

the game u are talking about is titled "Africa: The MMORPG". it's not this game.. both are totally different games..

kewlkat0075392d ago

There is a game called Afrika???

ploody5392d ago

If you think this looks good then you obviously don't have a 360, because this really doesn't look very good

Bishop5392d ago (Edited 5392d ago )

I have a 360 and the pics of this game may not be great but the video demos look better then most 360 games.
Also this game is supposed to be a truly unique concept which lets you play through the eyes of predator cats "such as lions, tigers etc." in an rpg like format which lets you increase your predators skills by killing and eating certain types of animals. Ay least thats what I heard.

andy capps5392d ago

Interesting.. Definitely a unique concept, the absence of any storyline, or details about the game is what interests me. The screenshots are ok, nothing great except the last one, but can't tell if it's CGI or in-game.

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The story is too old to be commented.