Civilization V belongs on iPad

Button Combo writes: "Civilization. Where do I even begin? If you have played Civilization you know how truly addicting, satisfying, and potentially frustrating it can be. Currently Civilization V is only available on PC and Mac. There is an extremely dumbed down version for the iPhone and iPad, and let’s just say it isn’t pretty to say the least. While I was playing a game on my iPad the other day I thought to myself, “There needs to be more games with actually substance. Not just games where you launch animals in catapult like fashions and use ropes to complete tasks. That is why I propose this. Civilization V for the iPad. Not the Civilization we know, but a full fledged version which is able to stack up against it’s computer counterpart."

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supergameboy2600d ago

Yes. Yes. Yes. I would love this.

malol2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

good luck with that
this game eats RAM like fat kids eat cake
needs a hefty CPU too if you want fast/smooth game play late-game

basically this game starts basic then rapidly get complicated and hard
and uses lots of memory and lots of CPU power

i has an i5 and a 4 GB ram and the game turns TOO slow late game due to LOTS of units and commands to do by you and the CPU opponent let alone the things go at the background like building stuff and diplomacy and trading and lots more

so it ether have a very VERY lite version just for the ipad/ipod
or wait for the ipad100 to run the current PC version
really :\

2600d ago
STK0262600d ago

Good point, my friend and I usually experience late game crashes or very slow gameplay after a few hundred turns, and we both have decent machines (mine has a i7-2600k, 8Go RAM and a GTX470), so I can't imagine Civ5 running smoothly on the iPad2.

Some people seem to forget how weak mobile devices really are when compared to a PC/laptop. If I remember well, even an intel atom CPU can beat the A5 processor. So my guess is that Civ5 would seriously need to be scaled down to even run on the iPad, hoping for something like Civ3 or maybe 4 would seem much more realistic, and still miles ahead of CivRevolution.

thephillup2600d ago

Definitely. I feel that no price point could limit me from buying this.

supergameboy2600d ago

I wish Apple would go out of their way to secure games like this. It seems like they're just sitting back a bit and letting developers do what they want.

I want to see Apple to become a serious contender in gaming. The iDevices have a lot of potential.

ashbc2600d ago

It does look an awful lot of fun.

supergameboy2600d ago

I thought you were calling the game "awful" for a second when the comment caught my eye.

False alarm.

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