Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update Leaked

It seems that someone has found the 1.8 .jar file on and distributed it throughout the internet.

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Ramses33298d ago

Im almost tempted.
But I can wait a bit longer for the official :P

CrimsonEngage3298d ago

These people must be retarded. Notch confirmed on twitter that they leaked it on purpose! I downloaded it and currently have a server up and running!

Ramses33297d ago

Its been confirmed as buggier then the final release, which is why Im waiting.

notimetobeidle3297d ago

Can someone link me to this information? I don't see it confirmed as on purpose and I'd love to update the story.

I don't think I want to stay 'retarded'.

Klaykid1233297d ago

Jeb did it for the "Experienced players"

Klaykid1233298d ago

I have it. Since you don't have the texture pack, a lot of things won't show up like the food meter, the NOM NOM NOM animation, the XP bar, new textures like vines, etc.

Klaykid1233297d ago

I was on a texture pack woops