Survival of the Fittest – A Resistance 3 Review (PikiGeek)

Iain Dooley writes: I hope Insomniac makes another Resistance game one day, as it would be bittersweet to not take advantage of a series that has only just started to achieve its full potential. While the end of the main story is fairly self contained (and all the better for it) the credits suggest there are still plenty more tales to tell and I’d love to see a new title set in some other part of the world. Japan would be a lot of fun, and they sure as hell reference the fighting going on there enough to have sufficiently whetted my appetite for more.

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monkeymagik2598d ago

Good review and decent score.

Where you gave Portal 2 full marks i wouldn't have.

I think for a shooter Resistance 3 does everything correct. and is much better then most in this regard. I think the saddest thing regarding the game is the textures and rez. Which is due to the amount happening on screen and particle systems.

I'm sure if Insomniac had time to build a completely new engine, this would be 720p/2aa with better textures.