Dead Island: Weapon Duplication / Infinite Money Exploit

"... One night after a while playing co-op, I decided to screw around solo. In co op mode, the action doesn’t stop when you pause or bring up a menu. In solo mode it does. Apparently, due to this item, duplication is extremely easy in solo mode, but it only works with melee weapons. You can exploit this for easy money or for an arsenal of 2-7 of the same powerful weapon. It is very easy to do." - JPS


the video is now up! You can check it out if you're having problems following the steps.

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One-X2597d ago

Didn't have to make an article on it. Too late now I guess. Well, that goes any chance of an online economy.

Kinda sad to see this stuff in the game already. Can only hope it get's fixed soon.

Eiffel2597d ago

Yeah nothing more cheap than trading with buddies and they'll brag about. "Oh I don't need it, I know an exploit." or "Hey I know an exploit let me ruin the fun of it and give you unneeded amounts of everything." Really kills to crave of desiring something you're looking everywhere to get, a challenge in small terms.

Miiikeyyy2597d ago

I for one, sure as hell ain't ganna do something like this!