Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review (UGO)

Russell Frushtick of underGround Online reviews and grades Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. His conclusion:

"Along with Ratchet and Clank Future, Uncharted Drakes Fortune is a must-buy if you own a PS3. While its gameplay elements don't exactly break any barriers, it's a consistently fun game with sky high production values, which should please both casual and hardcore gamers."

UGO Rating
• Gameplay: B+
• Presentation: A
• Fun Factor: A-
• Value: B+
• Overall: A-

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thereapersson4930d ago

Excellent graphics, Great production values, spot-on voice acting, fun play mechanics and varied gameplay

techie4930d ago

Love the irrelevant photos lol

xg-ei8ht4930d ago

Thats i was thinking, wtf are with the pics,lmao.

Bathyj4930d ago

I cant agree with this.

The best cover system we've ever seen, brilliant reactive AI that never plays out the same way. Awesome hit animations. Just shoot a guy in the shoulder and watch him clutch it the whole time till you actually kill him, even to the point of running around, finding new cover and still holding the shoulder.

The shooting is easily strong enough to be a game on its own and expect extensive multiplayer in a sequel once they've had more time with it. Love the Grenades in the heat of a battle, the pistol is accurate, the AK trustworthy and the shotty powerful up close. Thats already a couple weapons more than I bothered to use on Single player Gears of War. (how come no one ever mentions how crap the weapons are in Gears? Maybe Multiplayer they come into their own, but Single player you just about use the Lancer the whole time, boring.)

Still good review, I just thing the shooting side needs more credit. The cover system is brilliant.

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