Under Siege PSN Giveaway - Fan Art

NXUS writes:

Due to the PlayStation Network outage a few months ago, many game developers had their titles bunched together, missing highlight time on the PlayStation Network and suffering unforeseeable impacts to the outage. Under Siege was one of these titles. Since Under Siege is a PlayStation Network exclusive from an indie developer, and the game features stunning user customization for allowing many different game types for multiplayer, we’d like to give the game some more attention.

The game released on April 18th in the U.S. and Europe and recently made its way to Asia this last August. The developers at Seed Studios have provided fans many great updates and additions to the game since its release, from new co-operative 4-player maps to unit balancing and visual updates.

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Jpinter2594d ago

The game continues to get better through patches and new content. I'm hoping for more support from the community in sharing user videos and creating new maps and game modes.

averyzoe2594d ago

I've seen Zen Studios make mention of this issue as well. PSN seems to have done a disservice to many developers.

dangert122594d ago

not Psn just the outtage of PSN this game sold/is selling well its/their problem is they have planed dlc and what good is it if no one plays it online =/ unlucky its a great game