Gears of War 3 Leaked by Journalists?

According to an iso website which leaks and releases full retail Xbox 360 games they have just released a download for Gears of War 3.

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fluffydelusions3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

Wasn't it already leaked months ago? So this is the final build? OK, regardless, it's no surprise and I can't wait to PURCHASE on September 20th.

Neoninja3306d ago

The one that was leaked earlier was a developers build. This leak is suppose to be the full finished game!

easto1a3306d ago

the site suggested final build!!!

_Aarix_3305d ago

Me too, best use of $60

Anon19743305d ago

Looking forward to getting my hands on this game. I hope the final build wasn't leaked by anyone. Piracy is bad for the industry. Full stop. Gears of War has proven an excellent (and one of my all time favorite) series and deserves every single penny it has coming to it.

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GSpartan7773306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

This is really sad in my opinion. Developers put trust in journalist, who the gaming community for most consider trash, to give them a FREE finished build early for them to deliver content and they go and pull shit like this.

Neoninja3306d ago

I fully agree with you. Its a giant slap in the face and it'll probably cripple the relationship between journalist and developers. In my opinion anyway.

Bereaver3306d ago

That's why developers need a way of marking copies they give out. Maybe a name on one of the textures that's barely visible and easy to change. So that way they would know who leaked it.

Livin_in_a_box3305d ago

Bereaver, that would be A LOT more work than you think it is- a lot of review copies get sent out per game.

As many of you know, I own Games Pundit and I've got my fair share of games over the past few months- of course, I haven't leaked any of them or anything sinister like that. But you have to realise that it's only the bigger gaming sites that get games weeks before general release; sites like mine get games on or shortly before the day of release. Sometimes Steam download copies are given out earlier such as Hard Reset which I got on Friday.

But sometimes these big sites have sinister writers who do get copies early and leak them but I'm not so sure that that happens a lot. I think people should be pointing the finger on employees who manage to secure copies for scene groups or maybe on the distribution line somewhere when perhaps a pallet gets damaged and it contains copies of a game and the workers there manage to get their hands on it and leak it.

But who knows.

StanLee3306d ago

I've long said that these leaks come from journalists and review copies. This isn't new. These "journalists" don't actually have any journalistic integrity. They're fanboys who started a popular blog site or website. Video game journalism need to be regulated.


''video game journalism need to be regulated'' and how do you suppose we do that? listen, its easy, if you dont like a website, you can choose not to visit that website, its that easy.

xyxzor3306d ago

As someone who runs a gaming website and demands extreme professionalism, I don't think the industry should be regulated. Publishers just need to be more cautious about who they give copies too.

I have no problem fully documenting everything I do with a review copy.

MidnytRain3306d ago


How does one guy avoiding a website fix piracy? We don't even know who did it, so we can't do much about it except to choose not to rip it off the internet.

bozebo3306d ago

Employees also quite often leak games.

Why o why3305d ago

devs should demand their copies back like they used to. This may help a little

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TheMyst3306d ago

Journalists are just gamers like us, they're not professional and some of them can't write worth a damn. Until more professionalism is brought to gaming reviews, gaming will never be on the same level as movies. Especially with all those fanboy "journalists" like moron that leads kotaku.

Eamon3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

Well tbh, even if the journalist didn't leak it, it will be inevitably uploaded online one day anyway.

And almost all X360 games are online ready to be downloaded at least 1 week before release. Sometimes they could leak a month or numerous months early.

And game developers don't give journalists a copy out of the kindness of their heart. It's part of their marketing scheme to get sites to review it to generate hype and demand for the game.

geddesmond3306d ago

I agree too and I think Publishers should stop sending out review copies to all these small blogs and website. They should just send review copies to the biggest websites that they can trust.

Phi395823305d ago

My money is on Max Scoville being responsible......he has openly admitted to pirating games on the Podtoid podcast.....I love the guy, he's hilarious, but when I read this I thought of him immediately.

PR0X13305d ago

I can see piracy killing console market if leaks go on like this. Than most company's will just make shitty 1$ iphony games instead of 100million big block buster games like gears of war, uncharted and battlefield.

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Les-Grossman3306d ago

I wonder if Ice T leaked it ?

MerkinMax3306d ago

That doesn't even make sense...

Angrymorgan3306d ago

@sltpoison ice t got a copy early, there's a video of him unboxing it on n4g somewhere

MerkinMax3306d ago

And by Make sense I mean, how would it benefit him?

Biggest3306d ago

I doubt Ice T even touched the game when the cameras stopped rolling. Maybe his nephew leaked it.

BattleTorn3306d ago

I definitely wouldn't be surprised if journalist are responsible for more leaks than we know..

But don't developers send other developers copies before release as well?

I think they should have everyone wait till actual release.

I know I managed to buy 2 games before release date, and they came from a unknown studio's employee store (which apparently they have tons of games early and for dirt cheap)

grashopper3306d ago

What they need to do is send out versions for review with a unique serial number or something in the code. That way when it shows up for download online they know who's door to go knocking on.

Tru_Blu3306d ago

I am thinking the same thing, probably already in the works.

easto1a3306d ago

they just give all journalists a bad name bet its the same guy each time

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