GameTrailers: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - GC 11: Multiplayer Interview (Video)

See the shiny new multiplayer in action with brand new maps and details in this Interview from GamesCom 2011 with Executive Producer Dan Ayoub.

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cstyle4108d ago

Halo is just brilliant.

otherZinc4108d ago

Yes it is.

Halo:Anniversary should be the 1st remake to be nominated for a GOTY slot.

Hozi4108d ago

Halo is the only FPS multiplayer game that never gets boring. The feel of the multiplayer is amazing. You all who play since Halo:CE know what I mean.

X_GAMER_X4108d ago

I know what you mean dude. Halo is magic. Its the only game I always go back play the campaign. Not many games give that feeling. Evey time you play the campaign you find it new and exciting. Played throu my Halo ce 10 years copy for about one month ago. Still amazing like the first time. Almost every game you buy now you want just to finish it and park it. As for multiplayer. You said it bro, its awsome. Can not wait for anniversary