Max Payne 3: Slow Motion For Me Baby

When the original Max Payne premiered years ago it was an original take on action, and adventure. On the PC the game was open to modders who were able to take the developers vision and push the game play. One of the illest mechanics the game had, was a slow motion/time distortion tactic. This allowed you as the player to strategical battle enemies in the game the way you saw fit. Tactically by slowing time down you could make impactful kills, get out of sticky situations by dodging, rolling, and have a great fun manipulating the environment. Max Payne's story was a dark, and twisted affair that lent a film noir quality to the game's progression. With Max Payne 3 set to sail, what does Rockstar games have in store for us?

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EdwardS0872686d ago

The screen shots say summer holiday, not gloomy noire MP....Games are looking more and more the same...I want the art style from the first games. I am ever so ambivalent until it releases.

Tigerfist2686d ago

The screenshots make me feel the same. Let's just wait and see what comes out.

JsonHenry2686d ago

lol, the caption for this is a WIN.