EA's Origin Hosting Third-Party Content 'Very Soon'; 4M Client Installs

Kris Graft writes:Publisher Electronic Arts is putting major focus on its digital strategy, and a key component of that is the company's new Origin digital distribution platform, where it currently sells EA-published games.

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RedDead20672623d ago

I'm a Steam user. But I'll be interested in Origin if they have large large discounts, like the Steam sales.

The prices on Origin are still much higher.

RedDead20672623d ago

I should make it clear, I was talking about Australian prices.

majiebeast2623d ago

Aslong as we dont see exlcusive third party titles for origin im okay with it.

Dojan1232623d ago

I do not mind having origin but it will come down to sale price if I use it.

Dojan1232623d ago

Also - Does Origin take you guys a long time to load? I feel like it is over 60 secs for it to come up and every upgrade has been a pain.

bozebo2623d ago

OK. I will buy them on Steam...

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The story is too old to be commented.