Official: Singapore bans Mass Effect for lesbian scene

Singapore's Board of Film Censors has issued a statement on Thursday, November 14, banning the sale of "Mass Effect" for an intimate scene between two female characters. The game contains "a scene of lesbian intimacy... as such the game has been disallowed," the deputy director of the board said in the statement. Singapore is the only country to have banned the game, which is the first Microsoft title to be banned there.

The statement also said that earlier this year Singapore banned "God of War II" for nudity and "The Darkness" for excessive violence and religiously offensive expletives. Singapore will introduce a new video games classification system next year, which could allow those titles to be passed. Homosexual intercourse remains criminal in Singapore.

[ Note: The official statement confirms an earlier rumor that Mass Effect is banned in Singapore. ]

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ngg123454932d ago

They get 20 lashes for spitting on the ground. I can't imagine them even buying a game that has violence, sex, and other things

the worst4932d ago

20 lashes
thats so funny

PopEmUp4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

haven't you went to Singapore before,
I'll be laughing when you got 20 lashes

lawman11084932d ago

But you can't watch a sex scene in a game. Muslims want to fly planes into buildings kill children and live in caves.

skagrerrrr4932d ago

jailed for sticking bubble gum under a chair in S'pore

ddldave4932d ago

actually not just under the chair. but anywhere. you can get jailed for spitting bubble gum on the ground outside, or even on the grass. you're suppose to throw it in the garbage can.

you also get jailed for smoking outside, they have seperate rooms to smoke in called smoking rooms. you can't smoke anywhere except the smoking rooms.

the country is pretty strict, i've been there before on my way from minnesota to vietnam, we stopped by japan then singapore, then vietnam. the country is really really clean though, i went there and went outside, it looked really nice and they only drive in one direction and in circles. it's really weird, i don't remember seeing any stop signs or anything because they don't need to 'cuz you're driving in one direction.

also the guards carry ak-47's walking in groups of 3 around the airport too, pretty freaky if you ask me. i was walking around when this dude aimed his ak-47 at me, i was only like 12 at the time.

it's a really really clean country but it's really strict.

SteinigerGE4932d ago

and there are a lot of rules, however, it is far safer than any place I've ever lived, and that includes Boulder, CO, where I grew up. It is safe for women to be alone after dark. Certain taxi drivers (the white taxis) only rip really ignorant Westerners off (they probably deserve it anyway). My 60GB PS3 was cheaper here than anywhere else in the world when I bought it last March (USD 500 at the time). Alcohol is highly taxed, however the highest personal income tax rate is only about 17%. Cars however, are taxed about 100% (how many of you would pay USD 55,000 for a new Camry, or USD 87,000 for a BMW 318?) About two weeks ago, a bill came up in Parliament to legalize homosexuality. It was rejected, however, the government has admitted they don't really hunt people down for comitting the "crime", and actually the only time they would convict someone of it is if they were doing it in public.

Singapore isn't a bad place to live. However, I was looking to buy a game this weekend and asked about God of War II. I was informed I'd have to try in another country, so I ended up buying Ratchet & Clank instead. I'm definitely enjoying it, but will have to wait until I go to another region 3 country to buy GOW II....

Loopy4932d ago

Very true Steiniger !
And you can always go to Malaysia if you want to get drunk partying :)

The Chief of Mjolnir4932d ago

That´s their loss. But you can get hard punishments pretty easy there so it´s not that shocking. As skagrerrrr said about the bubble gum, they are not taking those kind of things easy.

freakyzeeky4932d ago

What's next? Singapore banning Super Mario Galaxy because Mario defies the laws of science and physics?

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