Epic Aware of Shoddy UI in UT3, Changes Coming After Release

The troublesome user interface featured in the Unreal Tournament III PC multiplayer demo has been a source of contention for many players of the game. In a recent post on the game's offical forums, Epic lead producer Jeff Morris has acknowledged the problem and says updates to the menu system are coming, just probably not before the title's PC release next week.

"We're aware that the UI isn't perfect," Morris wrote. "We're working on numerous improvements and additions to the user interface that will be made available in future updates to UT3."

Most have complained the system of menus lacks usability and resembles a UI designed for console titles. Regarding the upcoming PS3 version, Epic VP Mark Rein recently said it's possible the title could still be retailing this year.

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Armyless4961d ago

There's no excuse for poor menus. None. Streamline the information in such a way that the game becomes totally accessible.

This shouldn't even have to be said.