Wii Controller Update

Nintendo has supplied updated Wii developer documentation to third parties making games for the new console, providing studios a means to access the controller's internal memory and speaker. This marks the first time that widespread documentation for these features has become available to third parties.

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ChickeyCantor5865d ago

why cant it be saved on the 512 mb flash memory.and then when its needed it will be recieved by the controller.....

wakkiwakko5865d ago

It does that. That's why it's one game at a time.

It saves the data on the mem card and what not and sends your custom settings to the gamepad. One game at a time, because you won't be playing two.

When you play a different game, settings and such on the wiimote are wiped and new settings for a new game are uploaded and initiated.

It's simple.

ChickeyCantor5865d ago (Edited 5865d ago )

for evry game i set up some settings and will be returned when i play the game?
( not talking about save data to stay at the level you was last talking about the data for the controller)

my english isnt that great so im asking to be sure.