Broken Bonds: Death In Gaming Done Right

Game Podunk blogger, DrStrangeLove writes, "Death, Its a constant in nearly every game. You'll die, your enemies will die, everything you shoot at will die. But in most games these deaths don't matter in the slightest. The monsters, Nazis, or monster Nazis you just killed didn't have a special bond with you, and there's a 100% chance that you'll gun down another one in the next thirty seconds. But what about games that don't give you those second chances? What happens when you've poured time and effort into your characters, just to watch them grow old, weak, and ultimately die with zero chance of being saved? Stop with the what ifs. This blog post just so happens to be putting a lime light on the very games that make you upset, not because of a sappy ending, or because of controls that play out like Superman 64, but because they're games that force you to grow attached, they upset you because you become forced to sever the bond you made with your creature/character."

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