First official FIFA 12 review is in; Games Master awards it 94%

GB: "The world's first official FIFA 12 review is finally in, in time for the game's September 27th and 30th release in US and Europe respectively. Gaming mag Games Master has given the game a score of 94%, saying that it is the "the freshest and most fearless FIFA in living memory"."

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Tommykrem2649d ago

Games Master has the first review? Sketchy...
No, I'm sure it'll be good.

fluffydelusions2649d ago

Yeah, going by what I've seen it looks like a solid title.

buddymagoo2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

We all know it will be basically the same game that we are buying for the squad updates. Take my money :(


4000 rank points my friend, how many have you got? I've been playing since fifa 95. Don't they say that every year? I love my Fifa and buy it every year I just wish they did something dramatic like when they introduced Be a pro in fifa 08. Give us a referee be a pro linesman game or something to warrant that £40/$60

Shubhankar2649d ago

You obviously haven't played FIFA 10 over 09, or 11 over 10. Both had a LOT of differences over last year's title, and so does FIFA 12. Tactical Defending, Precision Dribbling, Pro Player Intelligence, Career mode overhaul, Player Impact Engine, New menus, Overhauled online and better goalkeeper AI, to name just a few.

Shubhankar2649d ago

I've been playing FIFA since 2000, too, buddy, and EXTENSIVELY. Though I admit I do not play online much.

And FIFA 12 IS including a lot of dramatic features. If you really are a FIFA veteran, you should find that the new features will go a long way.

Nate-Dog2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

@Shubhankar: FIFA 11 was of unbelievably minimal difference to FIFA 10 and/or FIFA 09. It only took me around 20-30 games to realise it was the exact same game with updated squads and kits considering I had played around 600 games on 09 and around 300 on 10. EA say the same BS every year about new engines and whatnot (remember the "all new passing engine" last year?).

The thing that has me keeping an eye on this year's FIFA is the impact engine to see if it actually is a proper new engine which will dramatically change gameplay, or whether it's just more rubbish from EA. I'm not getting this or PES this year since I am doubting either will change much from their previous installments but I am interested to see how both turn out.

buddymagoo2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )


What's your ID? Up for a match? I'm not one of these quit when I'm losing so it doesn't affect my score types either.

Commander_TK2648d ago

What's new this time? New shoelaces animation? Fuck this, I'm staying with 11.

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Tommykrem2648d ago

Also, hope dribbling controls have been changed. Didn't think they felt very precise last time around. Pass assistance needs an overhaul as well.

GDANTE71111112647d ago

The question I will ask right now is, can I transfer my virtual pro to fifa 12. And I will wait for a proper review to come out (more then one) then I will decide to buy or not, fifa 12 is almost the same as fifa 11. If you search the internet for the reviews that came out for fifa 11, you will find out that it is almost the same as fifa 12. Or the same as fifa 12 just polished up, I am just going to wait for proper reviews to come out and then I will decide to buy or not. Another thing is fifa always comes out with the same clubs/national teams, or almost the same clubs or national teams. I never see clubs from serbia, yugoslavia, japan, china, hunduras, guatamala ect. or there national team, its always or almost always the same clubs/national teams. I will spend my money buying gears of war 3, and wait until proper reviews come out.