Ironhammers Preview: Red Orchestra 2, World War 2 is Back

Ironhammers: Over the past week, I’ve spent a little time with the multiplayer beta for Red Orchestra 2. My first thoughts? “Wow, I really suck!” There’s no nonsense here, and certainly no space for any shenanigans. The sense of realism will hit you in the face just as quickly as the virtual bullets hit your character in the skull. Venture into open space from the wrong angle or at the wrong time, and you’ll be awaiting a respawn — which still tries to enforce a true to life feeling by spawning players in waves, in order to simulate reinforcing units.

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trenso12598d ago

Damn sounds so good I wish I had a pc for this. Hopefully they port it. Hopefully

JsonHenry2598d ago

^^ I've been playing the beta for a week now. AWESOME game. Simply awesome.

One of the best cover systems in a game ever as well.