SWTOR Release Date Set Internally But May Slip To Next Year If Needed

In an interview at the Citi 2011 Tech Conference on Wednesday with Electronic Arts CFO Eric Brown, Eric said that they have an SWTOR release date set internally but...

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Kran2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )


All I will say.

MasterCornholio2594d ago

I wouldnt like them to release a broken game so if a delay is needed so be it. I still have nightmares over WoW launch which had a ton of issues.

Heartnet2594d ago

thats half the fun of an Mmo launch :D

MasterCornholio2594d ago

How is it fun when it takes a week to log in?

LOL now that was funny as hell all the players waiting in the login cue for hours before they could start playing the game.

C_Menz2594d ago

The game still needs a lot of work. No harm with pushing it back.

RawOnionMilk2594d ago

I don't have my desktop built yet, so please, take your time.