Sony Gamers Brag About Exclusives, But Don't BUY Them

And so, my fellow Sony gamers, rather than brag about exclusives, go out and support these hardworking artists, writers, and programmers by actually purchasing the titles they produce. Skip the latest Call of Duty and pick up a copy of the superior Resistance 3, another IP to originate on your Sony console. You don’t need yet another Assassin’s Creed, so give inFamous 2 or Demon Souls a try.

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JoGam2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

They brag, But don't buy games? Get out everyone's pockets. You don't know who buys what and who don't.

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sphinct2686d ago

R3 is incredible so far.

And I hope people buy it! He's right...let's SUPPORT the peeps that make great exclusive games :)

Vojkan2686d ago

yes R3 is great so far.
he is right. Most of PSN buddies I have are level 5, 6. PS3 fanboys on N4G don't buy games, they watch videos, play betas and demos and think they are hardcore.
Send me friend invite Globox_82

Minato-Namikaze2686d ago

I buy plenty. I own about 75 games. Add me bleachgunner

Dante1122686d ago

Lol, nice article. So far....

Gran Turismo 5 - 6.01 million
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (PS3) - 5.50 million
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots(PS3) - 5.15 million
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3) - 4.43 million
LittleBigPlanet (PS3) - 4.29
God of War III (PS3) - 3.66
Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3) - 3.77
MotorStorm (PS3) - 3.66

The 360 list is right above the PS3 list. You might be surprised when you go over it.

Source: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz...

darthv722686d ago

Thanks to charzard trolling I have to repost this.

Generally speaking not every owner of the system will buy said game when it comes out. The ones that brag about the exclusives usually ARE the ones who buys them.

Also, the bigger the user base is the more diverse the gamers are so no way you will sell your game to every person who bought the system. It isnt that hard to understand really.

If it helps, look at it like this. People who bought a wii bought it for the games and the novelty of the controls. People who bought a 360 bought it for the games. NOT everyone who bought a ps3 bought it for the games. That is the risk you take making a system that does everything because not everyone buys it for the same purpose.

I buy the games I want. they could be exclusive or multi but I do buy them. I dont buy all of the exclusives just the ones that appeal to me.

aquamala2686d ago

How about just support good games? Only single-console owning fanboys care so much about exclusives.

jimineyscrickets2686d ago

The Authors real points:

"To really drive the point home, the last two installments of Call of Duty have sold almost as many copies, ON PS3 ALONE, as Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, God of War III, Killzone 3, inFamous 2, and Demon Souls combined.

And so, my fellow Sony gamers, rather than brag about exclusives, go out and support these hardworking artists, writers, and programmers by actually purchasing the titles they produce. Skip the latest Call of Duty and pick up a copy of the superior Resistance 3, another IP to originate on your Sony console. You don’t need yet another Assassin’s Creed, so give inFamous 2 or Demon Souls a try."

gameplayingfool2686d ago

Everybody is nerd-raging about this stupid article...and they keep clicking the link and posting comments. Duh?! If you are so nerd-raging against this, why is everyone making the story huge?

I can't stop chuckling over the irony. :D

Getowned2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

I don't buy every exclusive just the games i want to play.out of all ps3 exclusives i only own Deams souls,Uncharted 1&2,Moterstorm,infamouse,s ocom4,killzone 2,warhawk,The fight lights out and gow1&2 and soon white knight chronicles 2, and uncharted 3 also waiting on starhawk and Twisted Metal to release...i was thinking of geting GT5 but im unsure about it.

Peppino72686d ago

I bought it and I love exclusives. I show multiplat games love too tho.

Biggest2686d ago

I like how the comparison says "I didn't post crap like Wii Sports" while having Kinect Sports holding down the 360. That does suck for the PS3 owners bragging about games they don't buy. I personally own most of the exclusives, but not because they're exclusives. I like games that I like.

nycredude2686d ago

I buy games I want to play and I deem worth my money, not JUST exclusives! I have exactly 102 bluray games and 35 psn games, not to mention the games I had for the 360 and wii before I sold them. PLUS at least 35 games on the pc!

just because YOUR buddies are at level 5 and 6 doesn't mean everyone is at that level. Almost all of my buddies are above level 12.

AngryTypingGuy2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

I literally just got done beating Uncharted 2. If you're a PS3 owner and you don't play that game, you're crazy! That game is a work of art! Can't wait for UC3!

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xhedleyx2686d ago

He may not know who buy what but the NDP, Chart-Track and Media Create certainly do. Those are all sources he cited in the story.

ASTAROTH2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

I AGREE with this guy. I havent bougth R3 yet but its first on my list. I have give it time because my backlog is extensive. I have bougth almost every PS3 exclusive so far and I have 127 PS3 games and 70 PSN games. I love my exclusives and my PS3. I also have some 360 exclusives and a couples of the best Wii games too. I really enjoy gaming but I have more games than time to play them. . . so R3 have to wait for .. . ohh my for before I buy Gears 3, BF3, Batman Arkham City, RAGE, Zelda:Skyward and the best o them all UNCHARTED 3!!. Skyrim looks amazing too but I dont have time to spend 100 hours on that game. Too bad for me but I will put the PS3 exclusives as priority in my purchases. I also want ICO/SOTC and GOW origins... WHOO!!! to many great games... wow!!

pixelsword2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )


I have never even heard of any of those Wii games except Skyward Sword; so they can't be that good.

Thatguy-3102686d ago

I have to agree with this guys baffles me when exclusives like uncharted, infamous sell less than a million in its first week..Sony's exvlusives are top notch!!! Don't see what holds back people from buying them.

ethan2686d ago

Well I can't speak for everyone, but the thing holding me back is money. I would love to own a lot more of these great games, but unfortunately between college, bills, and other necessities of life, I am forced to choose the select few that I want the most.

bloodybutcher2686d ago

i was buying every game i wanted(just for ps3) before but right now i i rented a few and now i had to make a choice which one i really want to i´m going with Dark Souls,not even ps3 exclusive.

Gray-Fox-Type02686d ago

so true, some games from PS3 deserve much more sales but unfortunate they do not sell well , i guess PS3 fanboys rather talk about it lol

TyrionL2686d ago

It's not that, it's just the vocal community on these forums make up a tiny percentage of gamers out there. Most the people I know with a PS3 don't even know what Uncharted is, but you can bet they'll have the next Call of Duty. I let at least 5 people borrow my GOW3, just so they could see what they were missing. Most gamers out there don’t keep up with this stuff the way most people that frequent this site do, and they for sure don’t get emotional about who bought what exclusive and what system is “DA BESTESSS”. This site is not a good way to judge the general consensus of the gamers out there. If the real world was like the majority of N4G users would lead you to believe then no one would own a 360 and all PS3 exclusives would sell 40+ million one day one. Hell I’ve been labeled a 360 fanboy before and I bet I buy more PS3 games then the people that would call me that. It’s just I am a gamer and like games no matter what system I have to play them on. I just really hope people understand that these annoying fanboy on this site are insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

bloodybutcher2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

agree with tyrion, i for example lended U2 to a friend of mine to let him see how good this game is.tll then he played only fifa and cod.

Dante1122686d ago

@ TyrionL

I've been called an PS3 fanboy (for saying I enjoy the PS3 exclusives and playing on PSN), I've been called a 360 fanboy (For saying that Alan Wake didn't suck). I've had Heavy Rain and Final Fantasy 13 spoiled for me and death threats sent for correcting a guy on a gaming subject on the N4G forums who I literally played with on Live. My point being is that no side of fanboy is worst or better on N4G. Both seem equally bad to me.

TyrionL2686d ago

@ Dante112
OK, well this topic was about PS3 fanboys, so when the topic is about the other ones I will write a wall of text on them as well. I was just staying on topic unlike you.

Dante1122686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

@ TyrionL

Sony Gamers = Sony Fanboys? Way to generalize an entire group. The more you know....

Edit: In case you try to stealth edit lol.

TyrionL wrote:

@ Dante112

OK, well this topic was about PS3 fanboys, so when the topic is about the other ones I will write a wall of text on them as well. I was just staying on topic unlike you.

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Corax2686d ago

And articles like these get approved? Who's this site run by? And if it's not by the people who run this site then who run this site and has given power to people to approve these type of articles? I guess that's what happens when fanboys have power on a gaming website. The next article to be approved is going to be a 360 shot...I'll put money on it.

Evetssteve2686d ago

What's wrong with this article? Why shouldn't it get approved. It's a valid point he makes and also provided numbers to back it up. Just because you don't like it and can't accept the truth it shouldn't get approved??

Corax2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

I dont like, yes. Can't accept the truth? What truth? Is there numbers on how many PS3 owners brag about exclusives and then don't buy the game? I would like to see the statistics on this. There are many gamers that talk about games and don't buy them. Again where are the numbers for that? I decided after look at some more Dead Island videos I'm no going to get that game. Valid points? what point does he make? Alot of PS3 adopters picked up the PS3 because at the time it was the cheapest Blu-ray player on the market aside from that Sony needs to go back to its RPG roots. Not every PS owner is a shooter fan most of the PS3 owners came from the PS2 probably the best console to date for RPGs which is really sorta disappointing this gen. The classics, God of war, Gran Turismo are great games that did well in sales. Killzone came back from the PS2 era and is really doing pretty well for a comeback for a game that was claimed 'failed' also why doesnt he mention Warhawk? Another game that came from the PSone era and did great in sales and also is an exclusive and there are plenty more that he doesn't name how about naming Little big planet?. And then what I really hate about this article is that he compares an multiplatform game COD to exclusives. TO RECAP his ending on this article. Gran Turismo 5 did great, "Uncharted 2" why did he just say Uncharted 2? why not Uncharted series so far?, Heavy Rain did ok I liked the game but games like this are gems that are great but go underground, God of War III did great, Killzone 3 i liked this game but like KZ2 feel better they just needed to make the controls tight felt like a delay reaction, "InFamous 2" again why not Infamous series, and Demon Souls this game didnt have NO advertisement what soever I'm actually lucky to hear about this game vs The COD series. This article is just retarded. not very well though out. your move sir

Evetssteve2686d ago

@ Corax

First of all, don't write the equivalent of the great wall of china as a response and expect someone to actually read the entire thing and then at the very end say "your move".

Second of all you refuse to think logically. You are asking the author to prove the unprovable because it would take hundreds of hours and probably a lot of cash to do the actual research on this to provide numbers that don't need to be provided in the first place.

It's called the eyeball test. Go on any number of message boards and read what undoubtedly you already know. It's full of people like you backing up your precious army of exclusives that you probably don't own and don't ever plan on owning. LOL he asks for numbers on this.

Corax2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

So you have a problem with reading? There's nothing wrong with a little light reading this is probably the most reading you will get out of a week, so i dont think my maybe 2-3 paragraphs is gonna hurt your eyes. Logically? You refuse to see that if I'm just asking what he already did before. Since he crunched the numbers that alot of PS3 owners hype a game and then din't buy it, then why is it so hard to provide numbers for people who hyped up a game and DID buy it? The other way around shouldn't be that hard if he did it before but he didn't and i don't think there ever will be a way to see if someone hypes a game and then doesn't buy it. Unless you like stalking people on facebook/twitter and any other social site read peoples information, tally off who is hyping a game, then go back after the game is released talk to these people and ask them if they did buy the game or you can stalk them more and wait to see if they mention the game they purchased. So using your words against you he in fact can't prove that PS3 owners hype a game up and don't buy them, more reason why this article is stupid. An eyeball test? If i go to any "message board" it's certainly not to get any information on numbers from consoles. If we believed everything from message boards...i don't even want to think what chaotic unbelievable stats may come from that place. You need to find a different source of information if you believe message boards of all places. And people like me? It's clear your not a PS3 owner with that last statement or you favor your pc or 360 more than PS3. You don't know my game collection and neither do I of yours but it must be gears in there somewhere or starcraft. Why do you come here? It's people like you you just troll for no reason not putting any real thoughts on an article just saying simply "whats wrong with it i like the article." you have no idea what your talking about and you probably didn't read the article all you know is they said something negative about PS3 and all you know is that you like it. There are far more exclusives that this article doesn't provide that it could but didn't being that it was written to meet a quota or just by dislike of one particular system. If you have no real thoughts on this article you shouldn't reply at all. and i didn't mean to type this much but reading that you hate to read or it is a distaste for you here is another helping of a weeks read for you, alot of it was just dribble but i guess now that your at the end you know this now. your move sir matter fact I'm not replying anymore to a troll or fanboy goodday sir

cpayne932686d ago

@Evetssteve you got owned sir. And anyway, everyone I know who knows a good bit about ps3 exclusives buys a lot of them. Its just that a lot of people who aren't big on gaming won't know about it and will buy a more well known multiplat, like cod or Assasins Creed. They are the people who are not buying the exclusives, but they are not the ones bragging about them.

Objective2686d ago

Polemical dissertations of a fanboy, grade F.

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SeanScythe2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Exclusives bought:
GOW Collection

jdfoster2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

You should really try Motorstorm Apocalypse! Really amazing arcady racer! And is also quite cheap at the moment!

BigBoss072686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

If you add GT5, White Knight 1, and soon to be WKC2 to that list, I own all of those exclusives as well just on PS3. ;) Now my PS1 and PS2 exclusives are too numerous to count....

bloodybutcher2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Motorstorm,Motorstorm PR,Infamous,R:FOM,R2,Demon 0;s Souls,MAG,LBP1&2,KZ2&3 ,MGS4,Uncharted1&2,WKC1,HR ,GOW 1,2&3 and...Eyepet xD rest out of mine 61 games are multiplats.

SeanScythe2685d ago

Wow I forgot about WNC1 and MAG. I was at work trying to remember all the Exclusives I have and there are just so many I knew I would miss some.

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brew2686d ago

Destroyed this retarded article with the first post. Well done.

TheMyst2686d ago

The only 360 exclusive that sells a lot is Halo, same applies to PS3 with GT5. MGS4, UC2, and other PS3 exclusives (I believe GOW3) have all sold at least, or over 5 million compies which would put them at less than 1 million units behind Gears. Other than those, most 360 and PS3 exclusives sell roughly the same and the fact that a large number PS3 exclusives reach 2 million+ is quite an achievement (especially when there's so many).

Think about it this way, SONY has over a dozen exclusives per year all of which need their ad money and attention. MS has one every year (this year it's Gears, last year Reach, 2009 i don't recall, 2008 it was Gears 2 etc) so it's easier for them to dump a lot of money into the ad campaign. The fact that PS3 games sell as much as they do based mostly on word of mouth (such as LBP and HR) is quite remarkable.

N4g_null2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

It really is sad to see so much support and hype for those ps3 exclusives and then see them all slaughter by mw3, battlefield, and some tired(by fanboys standards) nintendo ip that sells 6 million without ads. I mean I've heard more people thinking about getting an xbox for the next gears. I understand you guys have interest in some niche exclusives but seriously are your fellows gamers going to buy the games you want? If not then it makes you look bad when you claim they will.

I think the obsession comes down to the wii having 3 RPGs pending release and one that anticipated. Zelda or dragon quest you choose then you have monster hunter on 3ds now. RPGs tend to bring out the real hardcore. Fps are really casual now thanks to online.

Either we are all waiting on the ps3 to be number two or at least sale better this x mas. Yet it would be nice to see gears number for your fav game.

Rynx2686d ago

I currently own 28 games. All NEW (don't buy used) and 18 are Exclusive and only 10 are multiplat. I'm expected to receive two more games in the mail so that will tally up my numbers to 19-11.

Guess he's not talking to me

tarbis2686d ago

You're a poor troller darkchrizard. Whoever is paying you is wasting their money.

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NYC_Gamer2686d ago

Can't really compare ps3 owners on game forums hyping up exclusives to the average owner outside of the net.

Dread2686d ago

good point

I agree, I bet most of the sony fans in N4G support sony exclusives.

Evetssteve2686d ago

actually you can. Everytime A PS3 owner comes on here and raves about exclusives they are representing the entire fanbase as a whole. Just like when a poll is taken and only 1000 people vote, it's still a representation of the population they were asking to vote. Is it completely accurate? Probably not, but it is what it is.

kulex472686d ago

@ Evetssteve, I was waiting for the "/s" at the end of your comment...but it never came. So in reply, your comment is retarded, has is helped anyone? Probably not, but it is what it is...comepletely retarded!

Objective2686d ago

True, fanboys will brag, condemn, hate and exaggerate boisterously, real gamers are quietly discerning.

iamnsuperman2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

"To really drive the point home, the last two installments of Call of Duty have sold almost as many copies as Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, God of War III, Killzone 3, inFamous 2, Demon Souls, and Heavy Rain combined". Are you comparing multiplat figures to exclusive figures or is it PS3 COD to PS3 exclusives

"And so, my fellow Sony gamers, rather than brag about exclusives, go out and support these hardworking artists, writers, and programmers by actually purchasing the titles they produce. Skip the latest Call of Duty and pick up a copy of the superior Resistance 3, another IP to originate on your Sony console. You don’t need yet another Assassin’s Creed, so give inFamous 2 or Demon Souls a try"

Right that is really silly. Resistance is different to COD. Infamous and AC are nothing alike.

I buy the exclusive I want and to be honest all the games (except for OF Red river and MOH) this year I have only bought exclusives. With the end of the year looming I only see myself buying U3 (another exclusive) and ACR. Sony has a diversity when it comes to its exclusives.

DigitalAnalog2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

They're a minority compared to the entire install base.

-End statement

N4g_null2686d ago

I think this is true but when you see them online they speak for the whole way too much.

DigitalAnalog2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

When you mean "whole", did you mean entire install base or are they talking about PS3 fans/supporters? There's a difference between the two.

For example, every user/commment that say "(insert PS3 exclusive) is the most awesomest shit ever". Chances are he/she actually purchased the game. We're talking about thousands if not several millions of sales (in some cases), added to that, most of them are western buyers which make up the majority of said "comments/online" as you implied.

-End statement

N4g_null2683d ago

I know the difference but they surly don't. They use things like the hardcore or playstation fans. Justified sampling, lol all my friends do X.

PirateThom2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Basically, the point of this article was "some exclusives sell better than others", a complaint that could be put against any exclusive games on any system.

I buy games I like, I own 60 PS3 games on disc, 25 of which are exclusives. I own every exclusive mentioned in the article...

I could easily flip this around to the 360 or Wii, why does Halo sell so well, but Alan Wake sells so poorly? Why does Mario Galaxy sell so well but Madworld sell so poorly?

I think part of the problem here is that, bar Killzone 3, all of these games pretty much exceeded their targets. Demon's Souls was dropped by Sony for publishing because they thought there was no market outside Japan for it, Heavy Rain was a neich adventure game that sold way above what it should have, inFamous 2 and God of War III both sold well. As I said, Killzone 3 was expected to do insane numbers and just... didn't... it's no big deal, it happens. Not every FPS can be Halo, not every driving game can be Gran Turismo and not every platformer can be Mario,

Crystallis2686d ago

Well said Pirate...bubbles!

XabiDaChosenOne2686d ago

And that's all she wrote I guess, +bubs to you sir.

smashcrashbash2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Thank you. It is nice to hear some sense coming from someone on this site. We can't buy everything and somethings will get lost in the shuffle. Why didn't Alan Wake sell well despite everyone saying it was wonderful? Why didn't Madworld sell close to as much as SMG? Why didn't everyone run out and buy Child of Eden for Kinect? Why didn't Conduit sell tens of millions with everyone saying it was as good as any shooter out there?

People always say you always support your games but barely touch anything that isn't the norm. Do you think HR would have done as well on the 360 as it did on the PS3? No it would not. So don't try to pretend, as always, that you are any different then us. You buy some things more then others and you ignore other things. If Alan Wake 2 came out the same time as Gears 3, would you buy it? No. Stop the pretence.

N4g_null2686d ago

Mad world was boring actually game play wise.

Brownghost2686d ago

Good gameplay just plain repetitive

MrDead2686d ago

Lets not forget these games dont disappear after a few weeks, they keep selling and growing in numbers I just purchased Fall of Man last week. It takes a while to get through not just exclusives but multiplats also, how many AAA exclusives and multipats have come out on the PS3 this year..... I'm not sure but more then I can play.

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