Interview: Resistance 3: Development Time, Graphics, Future & Much More Discussed

Insomniac shares additional development details, changes made to the series, and what the future holds for Resistance and even the current console generation.

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BuT_TeR2595d ago

The interviewer is such a herb.

JoGam2595d ago

They need to fix the Lag in R3. The game is great other than that. The LAG is REALLY bad.

blumatt2595d ago

Yeah, I noticed the other day when I played the online, it seemed a bit laggy. Hopefully they'll patch it. The Single Player campaign is awesome, though. I love the weapons wheel. A nice change from Call of Duty and Battlefield, for once.

2594d ago
jeegee2595d ago

game looks ace but if invasion mode is already complete then why not release as day 1 dlc? or would that be TOO cheeky??

DA_SHREDDER2595d ago

Just taking a break from the game right now, and I will say, the graphics are a much improved, the chimera animations are good too, and its about time they updated their weapons systems, but I'm unimpressed as it being a ps3 exclusive. Especially after playing games like Metro 2033 on the 360, Killzone 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse, GT5, GTA4, Fallout, even the Ratchet series seems to be ahead in alot of aspects when compared to R3. The graphics are ugly in alot of spots, there is a huge difference between gameplay and cutscene graphics. One thing they did right graphically were how awesome the Chimera look and move, but it doesn't come close to Killzone or Uncharted when it comes to graphics. It sometimes looks worse than fallout in some areas. Especially when it comes to npc facial animations. To be fair, its not a bad game. To me it is what R2 should have been during its time. I feel like I went back in time. Ratchet: A crack in Time felt more polished and is a way better game imho. I'd even say CIT feels like a game that was made a year or two after R3. Oh whatever, I have until tommorow to take this back to Redbox, so I better get my 2 bucks worth out of this play through, I wouldn't spend any more than 2 bucks on this, it wouldn't even make me much happier if I ended up getting this game for free.