Hard Reset Demo Impressions - The Reticule

The demo for Hard Reset was recently released and here, Chris Evans from The Reticule gives it a whirl and reports back with some impressions.

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Solid_Snake-2599d ago

amazing. played it about 10 times now......cant wait for this game. only 3 days till it unlocks.

there is only one downside to the game and that is no co-op.
but i can live without that.

stevenhiggster2599d ago

Yup the demo was awesome, and I'm sure the rest of the game will be too.
Would've been nice to have some sort of multiplayer but I can live withuout it too. Not so long ago most games were single player only!

Chris Evans2599d ago

Yeh no co-op is a bit of a shame, but it feels such an old school style shooter, co-op might be a bit out of place in it.

stevenhiggster2599d ago

Even Doom had LAN death match. Thats where it all began I believe :-)

Chris Evans2599d ago

Oh yeah, a bit of classic deathmatch would be splendid, with bots too! That would be fun :D