Daily Joypad Hands On Preview - Flying High with Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Daily Joypad's Dan writes:

"If I told you I had any history in playing games that centre on flying military jets, helicopters and more, I’d be telling a lie. So with Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, I strapped myself into the pilot’s seat and took to the skies and actually had a blast… If you’ll excuse the pun."

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johnnybridges392690d ago

I'm definately interested in this game for sure. I've been waiting for a new Ace Combat game for a while and it can actually be very refreshing and awesome

Canary2690d ago

Most of my enthusiasm for the game comes from Ace Combat 5. I've been progressively more dissapointed with each subsequent game--Zero was a little worse, Six was a lot worse, and the two portable games were AWFUL.

Well, at the very least it'll be fun to fly around cities. The level of detail in the environments is... astonishing. I hope they raised the flight ceiling a bit, too.

Anyone know if there are any plans for a demo?

Mozilla892690d ago

I'm really pumped for this as well, pre-ordered it off Amazon last week when they dropped the price to $45!