Battlefield 3 Alpha Testers Get Priority Access, but MOH Owners Still Get In First

RipTen - If you were a Battlefield 3 Alpha tester with priority access to the beta, don’t expect to get in that early.

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xPhearR3dx2595d ago

Well that's poo. I thought I was going to get in before the MOH owners, or at least at the same time :(

JoGam2595d ago

The only question I have is....WHEN?

trenso12595d ago

How is that poo? Your getting into the beta earlier that people that werent in the alpha or have MOH I would be happy

ainsz2595d ago

What if you're both?? I bought MoH Tier 1 and was in the Alpha. Will I get two codes?

Shackdaddy8362595d ago

I bought MoH:LE and never got a code in my e-mail :\

W/e though. My PC broke so I wouldn't be able to do anything anyway...

Godchild10202595d ago

Call them and find out, they might ask for a receipt or the code on the back of the box to see when it was shipped and bought.

I never got one. I thought I had to download it and play it from the Disc.

Blacktric2595d ago

I honestly didn't know anyone who owned MOH: LE and got the code. Neither me nor my friends got a code eventhough we've played the game (both singleplayer and multiplayer) at least 50 hours. They're probably going to send keys close to September 27th.

Shackdaddy8362595d ago

Hopefully. I mean, I can't play it seeing as I don't have a gaming PC for a while but I at least want the thing since that is the whole reason why I bought the new MoH. The SP was really good but I probably played 1 hour tops on the multiplayer...

Blacktric2595d ago

Singleplayer portion of MoH rocked while MP sucked really bad. But I didn't have too many multiplayer centric games back then so I had to play it. Hopefully the next Medal Of Honor's MP will be better.

DigitalRaptor2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Are you sure the online pass for MOH isn't what grants you access to the BF beta? Either way I'm sure they'll sort it out. Can't wait to get this beta running!

JellyJelly2595d ago

Do you need to own the physical copy of MOH to get into the beta? I got a mail confirmation that I was in but I sold my MOH copy long ago, as I suspect most people who owned it did.

LeonVesper2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Oh, well, if you have mail confirmation, most likely you will get a follow up email from DICE before or on the closed beta that will have a code which you can redeem through Origin, PSN, or Xbox Live.
When I played the Alpha, they just gave me a code to redeem through Origin after verifying my credentials and whatnot. Most likely it will be the same with the Beta.

But... if the offer still stands on Origin, the Digital Download of BF3 will grant players access to the Closed Beta with the MOH users on PC only.

JellyJelly2595d ago

Thank you!

I hope it's just a confirmation code cause I'm dying to get into the beta.

LeonVesper2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Well, I know I am going to be on the PC during the Closed Beta (because I bought the Origin Pre-Order), then on the PS3 and PC during Open.

If anything, whatever platform you got the MOH:LE for BF3 Closed Beta Access, it should ideally be that platform you will play on. Don't hold me to that, but I am going off memory from the process in which I got my Alpha code through the email.

Edit: Well, according to my Alpha enlistment, you don't get the code in the email, but through a link your email provides to bind your EA/Origin account to a unique code.

This was the process for the Alpha Participation and Conduct.

Dates: July 19th - August 1st
Platform: PC

1) Go to the BF3 Alpha redemption site
2) Log in with your EA Account information
3) Accept the legal agreement and confirm participation
4) Receive download code
5) Follow download instructions to get the build
6) Leave feedback and respond to the survey in our closed forum

JellyJelly2594d ago

@LeonVesper - Thax! I was in the Alpha too, but couldn't make it run on my crappy computer.

red2tango2595d ago

There was a code inside the game's case where the manuals are. You entered that code into PSN and it said you would access it when it came out.

Corax2595d ago

No there isnt, there's an online pass code but nothing that states "You put this code in and your in the BF3 beta." unless you would like to share what i missed

red2tango2595d ago

I'm gonna tweet them and ask.

Corax2594d ago

Did they say how the beta for MoH:LE owners will be dispersed?

Corax2595d ago

I only received a confirmation that i was going to be in the beta but no code or anything. Might be invitation by disc only? Who knows, somebody might wanna ask @battlefield or @demize99 about this on twitter. how will MoH:LE owners get in the beta early by disc or code