Gears of War 3 install size revealed

It seems that the game will be one of the first games to use the new Xbox disc format (XGD3) which as reported adds 1GB of extra data compared with the current format.

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SantistaUSA2649d ago

same here, hopefully the multilayer won't be as buggy as the 2nd one when it first came out. They had plenty of time to work on this one!

_Aarix_2649d ago

The beta itself was flawless. There will be no problem with the final build.

SantistaUSA2649d ago

Good to hear! Gears of War is one of my favorite franchise this gen...."eat sh!* and die!" lol

gamingdroid2649d ago

The beta was pretty [email protected] good. I felt it was ready for release, but they had an entire 3+ more months to work on this. With dedicated servers, this is going to be a fantastic experience.

TheMyst2649d ago

I always install my games, and so far it's been working. Funny story actually, my 360 RROD'd about 2 years ago. I was pissed off but it just sat around for about 3 weeks and when I was about to send it off to MS, I tried turning it on and it WORKED!! I was so happy and now 2 years later it's still going strong. I hope it lasts a few more years.

hardcore19122649d ago

great to know that devs can use more space now while creating games for Xbox360. Gears 3 is going to be massive.

killcycle2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

I doubt it will be massive.
Sorry to be a buzz kill but that's my honest opinion, might have alot of content compared to the older 2 but massive is a big word in the gaming industry.

@ Fluffy

If he was talking about popularity and not game size then fair enough! I suppose he weren't specific enough.

The best game Epic have made this gen for me was Unreal Tournament 3. All those vehicles that transformed and done crazy shit plus the mods! O_o

fluffydelusions2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

I think he may mean massive as in a big hit which it will be. And if he is referring to overall size well Epic said it's their biggest and longest game they've ever made.

Virus2012649d ago

Unreal Tournament 3! Really? Really? Really? That game was horrible. It didn't even have a story.

The Meerkat2649d ago

Should I take a day off work?

towelie12882649d ago

i am lol

cant wait
goin to a great game

bangoskank2649d ago

The Sony gremlins have disagreed that I will be playing this game on the 20th with my fellow Gears fans. I guess that means they will intercept my order from Amazon as well.

buddymagoo2648d ago

How is it on this site you can get away with calling people Sony gremlins but people get marked for trolling instantly when it is the other way around??? And people say this is a pro Sony site.

bangoskank2648d ago

Trolling? I simply commenting on the voiceless imps who leave disagrees for no reason at all. In this particular case, as it usually is, it is Sony fanboys disagreeing with somebody for saying that they will be playing an Xbox game. I referred to them as gremlins in good fun as that is what I imagine them to be when they disagree with the most irrelevant things.

S_C2648d ago

I cant wait for this game either, but come on your gonna take a day off work to play a video game, why not just play it after you've finished work

Godchild10202649d ago

11 more days to complete the series. Co-op will be awesome.

AriesSiren2649d ago

its one gig extra people. get real. lol

Dread2649d ago

its significant dude. I am sure lots of developers appreciate the extra space

killcycle2649d ago

But i thought 2 discs?
If it's 2 discs and 1gb extra on each then good, if it's just 1GB extra on 1 Disc then forget about it.

Why o why2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

If it ships on one disk it shows how useful having all the data on one disk is. I can now see that some now appreciate the extra space that wasn't 'needed' gotta laugh but this is GOOD not BAD and it shouldnt be downplayed. Spreading games over multiple disks doesnt affect all games but it may hinder some in one way or the other. Stop telling us about playing fallout 3 for 92 ours off one disk when its obvious that approach doesnt work for all games or there would never be games shipping on multiple disks at all. Day one for me...time to dust off the 360, get a cheap live and trade in my resistance 3 for credit to put towards this once ive completed it. Crammed year end incoming...grab your tools people

oh, ill be installing this anyway, great feature.

JokesOnYou2649d ago

From what I 've seen and said myself I dont think anybody has ever seriously debated whether or not more space(bluray)is better option than having less space(DVD), but speaking specifically in terms of what devs NEED, I think its still a very fair statement to say bluray is NOT needed/a neccesity. Still with Skyrim and 98% of games on 1 disc + this game itself is proof of that, even without the 1gb extra space, at worse case scenario it would still be the same game on 2 discs, much like BF3, devs achieve the same end result contained on 2 discs vs 1 and yet the angry mobs didnt riot in the streets after hearing this disastrious news, lol sorry Why o why, I know I just went too heavy on the sarcasm, but you know how I roll.

Micro_Sony2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Please find an article on N4G that supports your claim or comments that people have said that.

"extra space that wasn't 'needed' before."

Your just one of those people who cant help them self's and has to throw in a flame bait line in every comment.

Why wouldn't any1 welcome extra space?

aviator1892649d ago

I think you'd be a little more appreciative of that extra 1GB if you yourself were a developer.

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