"Dead Island" DLC On The Way ALREADY?

Well, how nice. Deep Silver isn’t wasting time pumping out some Dead Island DLC. You’ll excuse me if that actually hacks me off a little bit.

The anticipated undead-slaying, action-adventure/RPG mash-up just hit shelves Tuesday – and many are probably only barely shin-deep in the game by now – but publisher Deep Silver has already announced that players won’t be waiting much more than a few weeks before the game’s first new maps become available, reports Eurogamer today. Pardon my saying so, but whoopity-crap! It’s great that the Bloodbath Arena package includes four new maps, for which buyers who ordered from online retailer ShopTo received a voucher to unlock them immediately upon the package’s release, but the cart has been placed so closely before the horse, that the horse is concussing itself face-planting into it.

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wallis2597d ago

It's free as an apology for launch issues you fucking idiots.

strange19862597d ago

As a person who works retail, I hate when people bitch and moan about how expensive something is and then proceed to buy it anyway. It makes them seem ignorant and overly-entitled. As a consumer you have the power to pick and choose what products you support by either buying or not buying them. Nobody is twisting your arm and forcing you to buy this DLC. It's not a ballsy move you idiot. If you're really so outraged by the situation then don't buy it. Either way, just stop whining.

This doesn't even address the fact that the DLC is in fact being offered as an apology, making most of your article a pointless bitchfest. Well done!