Game Informer Show 79: Resistance 3, Dead Island, Driver: SF

Game Informer: It's been a slow summer for big game releases, but this week we've got three. We start things off with some serious bad vibes, as Dan Ryckert comes on to elaborate on his less-than-positive review of Insomniac's Resistance 3, which has earned him some new haters on the Internet. Host Matt Helgeson is there to guide the discussion, and Andy Reiner stops by to basically heckle Dan. It's a good segment. Next up is what looks to be the breakout new IP of the year, the excellent co-op zombie survival title Dead Island. Even if you're sick of the industry's zombie trend, this is a game that deserves your attention, and Reiner, reviewer Tim Turi, and Jeff Marchifava will tell you why. Finally, Reiner earns the "Podcast Power Player Award" for being on all three segments, tell us about the supremely wacky and surprisingly good Driver: San Francisco. This game has a premise for the ages, believe it.

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