BF3 - Day/Night Cycles in MP? All Gametypes on All Maps and More Responsive Controls

One of the biggest differences between the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises that you will hear many fans talk about is the differences in the responsiveness of the controls.

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TheBeast2599d ago

"More Responsive Controls" hell yeah.

Mister_V2599d ago

This sounds good to me too. Coming from Call of Duty, I've always found the BF controls to be a bit slow.

But then again... why should BF be more like CoD?

Nitrowolf22599d ago

I actually like the overall weight feel to it. I still want it there I don't it as loose and fast as COD has it.

MidnytRain2599d ago

I've never thought that "responsiveness" meant the same thing as "fast", or "twitchy". When I think of responsive controls, I think of any game that consistently does what it is meant to do. To me, games like Killzone 2 WERE responsive because they followed the same pattern every time, therefore it was able to be mastered. When I think of UNresponsive controls, I think of a game that requires the player to fight and coax the game into doing what he wants. An example would be having to press a button or perform some other action multiple times in order to see results.

Dacapn2599d ago

Though the controls are slightly different, the feel of Killzone2/3 is remarkably similar to battlefield, but battlefield was more responsive in that when I push the stick for movement, my character responds immediately.

Did I get used to the controller lag in KZ2 & 3? Yes, but it really shouldn't be there in the first place. I still felt I was about 80% in control of my character. What I'd like is if battlefield, and Killzone, would take advantage of the deadzone. Give me a wider spectrum of movement and aim speeds so I'm not always flicking the analog sticks.

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REDGUM2599d ago

Honetly. The faster the game feels and plays, the worse I am at it. COD was/is too fast for me. BBC2 had near perfect controls, which felt more realistic and better suited my (if any) skills. Pleaase, I hope you have'nt made it too fast, as i'm really looking forward to this game. here's hopeing......

Chocoboh2599d ago

Slugish controls aren't fun. I doubt you've even tried Killzone 2 oh dear.. that was so bad :(

blacktiger2599d ago

I agree with REDGUM, I'm sad they are improving it cause I really liked the heavy feel, nothing to do with my skilles but I just love the simulation feel.

shimme012599d ago

Who needs another call of duty? Killzone was too weighty. COD is loose. BC2 was near perfect. Don't loose that for cheap COD Quake-like, arcady controls.

blacktiger2599d ago

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really liked the heavy feel a like human! Damn it!

BeOneWithTheGun2599d ago

I believe he said you will be able to "adjust" the controls to be more sensitive. I take that as the controls will be just like BF2BC but can be adjusted if you least I HOPE that is what me meant.

subtenko2599d ago

Killzone3 handled the weight nicely. When you jump you dont have moon shoes on, you have abunch heavy gear on you and you try to jump with all that sh** on!

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Jack_DangerousIy2599d ago

Agree or disagree if you agree.....


FaulkinPunch2598d ago

@ Jack_Dangerously you're probably one of the many disagree fairies on this site. Met your match huh?

Pwned xD

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

I've always thought the Controls were already responsive but more is always better :)
Idk if i really need day and night cycles in maps but it would be cool to see 2 versions of maps morning and night.

Criminal2599d ago

Yeah Battlefield always had great controls. I feel DICE is crafting their masterpiece.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2599d ago

Lol they're the modern day Da Vinci.

genuinegamers2599d ago

Day and night cycle would be great!

Mister_V2599d ago

DICE's already epic game would have even more epicness if this was true! It would just be nuts.

GroundsKeeperJimbo2599d ago

This makes alot of sense considering the flashlight attachment, wouldn't be surpried to hear about night-vison goggles/scopes.

Corax2599d ago

I always felt developers could double there maps if they just make a night/day version of the maps. Hope DICE does that so instead of having 9 maps we would have 18 different maps

Criminal2599d ago

Like Treyarch did with one WaW map.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2599d ago

The day and night cycles make them feel like new maps at times. So if it ships with 10 maps, adding night features to those maps could make it seem like 10 different maps.

This was done with earlier Socom titles and added a whole new element to gameplay and tactics. Where some maps you were forced to use night vision/thermal scopes during the night which made for intense battles in caves/dark lit areas that would normally not have any sort of suspense to them.

Love the idea of adding it, it makes one more added feature to further justify my purchase :)

Caleb_1412599d ago

I think if they sped up the time scaling to about half of GTA's standards then it would be fantastic! and if the time randomly changed each time you played (or if it could be set by the server) then it would open a whole new host of gameplay mechanics.

cyborg69712599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

This makes flir or thermal a must for half of you squad. Where in cod its a gimmick and not needed. I like that and cant wait.

@just loken below if its that bad of a game which you hate so much, please by all means dont buy it. But dont think for one second that your special or that anyone cares what you think.

Joe29112599d ago

It would be cool if they gave you night vision equipment for when the battle goes into the night.

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grifter0242599d ago

I just dont want it to be morning and 15mins later its already night.

It should be at least a LITTLE realistic.

Start in the morning and by the end of the game maybe afternoon.

Clarence2599d ago

Very true. Dice is really going all out for this game. I hope gamers go out and support.

Criminal2599d ago

I agree. It'll have to be done right, but you know if DICE wants to include this, they will do it well.

Shackdaddy8362599d ago

Nah. I kinda want it to go through one full cycle per game. Like have half the game in the day time and half at night. I think that would be pretty epic imo...

Mister_V2599d ago


It should be something like dawn slowly turning to morning, or dusk slowly to night.

subtenko2598d ago

I like the day and night system in minecraft, Im sure I wont mind it in BF3!

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