Editorial: Not everyone thinks Microsoft is evil

"It seems like everyone likes to gang up on Microsoft, but I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s for attention, maybe it’s from bitterness, maybe they’re ignorant to the goings on behind the scenes, and maybe, just maybe, their beef with MS is justified. But honestly I’m tired of what I largely consider to be whining. I just want to break out the world’s smallest violin and play a sad song for them. I realize that sometimes the process developers must follow complying with Xbox Live is tough, but that’s why we don’t get several patches for a game, why we have the most secure network, and why we as consumers are happy with our service."

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ndepetris2600d ago

I've been waiting so long for someone to say this. Great article.

darthv722599d ago

as different divisions go, no they are not evil. Where people make the association is in the general form of what MS has represented in the past. The overall aspect of the company and their handling of windows and IE and office.

When they got into the console market is when gamers really showed their animosity towards the company because they felt MS had no business being in the console market. Same thing happened with sony when the first PS came out.

It's like: who are they to be entering this market that has companies like nintendo and sega with more experience. Bottom line is you can't get experience without putting your hat in the ring.

Neoninja2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

You bring up good points darth. Never really looked at it that way, but I'd like to also add that fanboys from both sides of the fence don't do them any justice.

Why people can't shut up and game is beyond me!

cain1412599d ago

Totally agree. Good points Darth!

smmelton2599d ago

Totally agree with that. It's almost like it's a "it's cool to hate Microsoft" thing. It's annoying.

TheMyst2599d ago

And I'm glad they did. Though MS has largely disappointed these last two years, without their competition, SONY would never have improved PSN as much as they have, there would be no tropies, no in-game XMB, the price would still be very high and I'm pretty sure SONY wouldn't have pushed to have as many exclusives as they have.

Competition is a WIN for us gamers.

BrutallyBlunt2599d ago

Totally agree. This crap that people continue after all of these years needs to stop. What exactly has any of it accomplished aside from lots of people sounding like idiots?

There is a core group out there who are hell bent on revenge for all the trash talk the Playstation 3 went through early on from the media and from people on forums. To them picking out any faults with Microsoft/XBOX360 is justification.

We don't need Microsoft to act like Sony, we don't need Sony to act like Steam and we don't need Nintendo to act like anyone else either. They each need to create their own identity and with so many choices out there what is there really to complain about anyways?

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littletad2599d ago

A great opinion article, and with developer comments to back up his claims. We need more of these.

cain1412600d ago

I think their is just a real disconnect between large faceless corporations and the average gamer. So when a developer says something it's always easier to side with them. Even if it's equally biased...

littletad2599d ago

I used to side with developers more, but there ongoing battle with used game sales and overall ownership rights has me thinking us gamers are just tools. There's a severe lack of trust and quality, replaced by greed.

Godmars2902599d ago

- The apparent need to control/dominate whatever market they enter.

- Seeing what the leading market trend is, then using whatever means to become the leader of that trend even though they don't understand it.

- That many of their issues with BR/HD-DVD had to do with many backstage agendas. Sony refusing to use MS's menu system.

- XBL being primarily a gamer accessory, yet has separate 3rd party media attached to it.

- Actively creates divisions. XBL Gold/Silver.

Don't see MS as evil necessarily, just a large and bloated company that often disrupts and holds back development more than it innovates. Just doesn't promote innovation.

cain1412599d ago

Sounds like a company trying to make money haha.

Godmars2902599d ago

A company willing to compromise the quality of their product or the development of the industry to make money you mean. Puts more into advertising to cover up the limitations and issues of what they're offering than they do into improving or fixing it. Those the main accusations most often repeated when the call of "MS is evil" is made.

This wouldn't have been so popular either:

Vega752599d ago

Some of the point you just made is the samething Sony and many other companies are doing. So why only hate them

mandf2599d ago

and always talking down everything the competition does. When someone innovates or introduces something new, they always say it isn't needed. I hate MS for talking smack, overpriced accessories (20gig harddrive for $180 when it first came out)and charging for online gaming.(it's free everywhere else) Security has nothing to do with a paid service. Look at PC gaming

2599d ago
whydoyouask2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Talking smack? Are you delusional? When the PSN was down for an entire month did Microsoft ever criticize them? No. Now Sony on the other hand...

And guess what, those "over-priced" accessories didn't cost me anything. You know why? Because I DIDN'T BUY THEM.

BrutallyBlunt2599d ago

DK286K is right, Sony charged for a lot of accesories on the Playstation 2 and did that hurt hardware sales? Even the Gamecube came with 4 controller ports. Microsoft decided to come in late with superior technology and more options like a built in hard drive but guess how much money they lost? Now look at Sony who came in as high as $600 and they too lost billions of dollars. Meanwhile the Wii doesn't even play DVD movies and look at how many units it sold.

Microsoft decided to take a different approach and used the Playstation 2 model which was price it competitively with a reasonable entry point and charge consumers for upgrades they may want.

mandf2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

I agree with all of you about the PS2 and overpriced items. I bought them all and hated Sony for it at the time. I had no choice because Ps2 is where the games were then. Today Sony gave us viable options for cost. Ms on the other hand took it to a new level. I don't think online gaming should be charged for. If Sony did this, I would switch to multiplayer games on PC. My Wii doesn't really fit online needs but it's free.


I agree with everything you said but it doesn't change the fact that you pay for a $60 dollar game and you have to pay to unlock the rest. I bought the harddrive, the wifi adapter, the battery pack adapter, and live. That is extortion.

I must commend Ms for staying quiet, but it was in there best interest. If live got hacked, it would have created a vacuum because money is involved. I'm not trying to be a fanboy but MS is very disrespectful to consumers.

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Baka-akaB2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Still far from a fan , their ways changed ever since they entered the console market but mostly forced by the hand of their competition , some of wich are becoming even worse (apple comes to mind) .

But it's not as if i'll just forget an history of abusive tactics and misplaced arrogance .

For years they were both a boon and a curse to pc in general .

PC aside , and gaming wise , i'm just afraid i'm not truly fan of any of their own ips ..

smashcrashbash2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Exactly. Many people don't remember Microsoft's underhanded tactics and bullish nature when it came business. They practically bulldozed their way into the gaming industry and have one of the few consoles that hasn't done anything to advance gaming in the least.

What I don't get is why people praise them for their underhanded tactics, lies and exaggeration. RROD for example was a careless attempt by Microsoft to get ahead of the competition by using its users as guinea pigs. They allowed the system out with a console destrying glitch.And yet people smile about it as if they did you a big favour or something. Sony and Nintendo aren't saints but Microsoft is the worst out of the three.So 'evil'? No. Untrustworth, greedy and underhanded? Yes.

@ Godmars290 so right. Microsoft never innovate .Everything the 360 is for example, is a copy off someone else.

whydoyouask2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

RROD was a mistake that they took responsibility for, costing them billions of dollars. You can't bring up the RROD issue and ignore everything they did for it.

And how exactly DOES MS stifle innovation? What exactly are you talking about? People have been throwing that out like they actually know what the hell they're talking about, but all you're doing is copying what some Sony exec said without giving any evidence.

2599d ago
nycredude2599d ago

This site is getting boring. Nothing but fan arguing like they own the companies that makes their consoles.

There is NO fucking excuse for RROD. It wasn't a mistake. It was a inherent design flaw that they most definitely knew about. They made a calculated decision to release the console anyway because a redesign of the console at that late a stage would have negated their lead in the next gen race. Anyone who thinks they didn't know has no clue. MS is always constantly battling anti-trust lawsuits all over the world. MS has in the past and will always do what is necessary to bully the competition.

Sony had their issues too. The YLOD was a design flaw also.

All the companies have their issues but IMO MS is the worst. I've used every windows operating system since 3.11 and they all gave me headaches and even today there are countless patches. My 360 started dying so I had to get rid of it. Paying for online blows chunks. And if all the consoles charge for online next gen it will be because of MS.

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