Madden NFL 12 Review: Does the Madden Curse beat the Cleveland Curse | Polish the Console

Every year football fans get to hear about the Madden curse and how all powerful and accurate it is. How every year the player on the cover has to sit at least one game because of the Madden curse. It’s not the brutal and body pounding sport that is football that takes the blame. No, that makes too much sense. Instead blame is placed on a very mythical Madden Curse. Madden NFL 12 was the be-all-end-all of football video games, a game that was supposed to be the definitive football video game graced it’s cover with something that could prove to be far more powerful. Madden NFL 12′s cover was picked by the fans and many of them may not have known what they just did.

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xJumpManx2686d ago

Cleveland sports fans are by the far the most knowledgable fans in the NFL. Bud before you write such nonsense you should try picking on the bigger cities their fans are very illiterate sports wise.

dinkeldinkse2686d ago

Anyone know if a roster update (accurate week 1 rosters) has been released?

jeseth2686d ago

Yes its out.

Madden is awesome this year! Best Madden in a while. Doesn't just feel like a roster update this year.

spike2686d ago

Not buying it this year