Kojima Productions Promises New Z.O.E. Details at Tokyo Game Show

Kojima Productions' Tokyo Game Show stages will be about more than just Metal Gear, Metal Gear and Metal Gear. Konami updated its stage schedule today revealing that Z.O.E and Anubis will also be introduced during the stages. This is presumably in reference to the HD remakes of the PS2 classics, about which we've heard little since their June announcement.

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zerocrossing2687d ago

I really hope Z.O.E 3DS turns ou to be a direct sequel to Z.O.E II the 2nd runner =)

tiffac0082687d ago

It better be, its been a long time coming to complete the sage :)

zerocrossing2687d ago

It sure has. I hope it's not just a port of the the 1st and 2nd game in 3D, that would be great but we need a 3rd :)

VampiricDragon2687d ago

I hope its a sequel of the gba game. WHich was incredible

princejb1342687d ago

i just hope its a 1 and 2 hd remake, and perhaps a zone of the enders 3 for consoles including a z.o.e. 3ds

A7XEric2686d ago

Noooooo, please no. I'm totally down for a side story like the games that were on GBA, but this is a game that is BEGGING for a full-fledged HD sequel. On a handheld you're not even going to have a game that looks as good as ZOE2 and probably only half the amount of enemies on screen.

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Magnus2687d ago

Shame the new Z.O.E game is not coming to a console I would play the hell out of it even so this gives me a reason to play my 3DS again.

A7XEric2686d ago

Fuck the 3DS. If this game is the next numerical installment in the series, the only way they can do it justice is on PS3/360. Yes a handheld iteration would probably still play nice, but from a tech standpoint the game will be extremely stifled, like I said above.

ZOE2 was one of those sequels that dramatically improved over its predecessor, but on a handheld you would actually be scaling back the game, whereas on 360/PS3 you could throw twice the number of enemies on screen, make the entire environment even more destructible, bigger production values, etc.

It just does not make sense to do the next REAL ZOE game on a handheld instead of the PS3/360. A side story or remake, however, I'm totally game for on a handheld.

MasterCornholio2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Damn its for the 3DS. Kojima probably has projects for the Vita as well but so far we dont have any info on them. Hopefully if there are any Kojima Vita titles they shall get revealed. I really hope there's a new ZOE for Vita and a MGS game as well would be nice.

With the Vitas awesome tech Kojima should be able to do interesting things with it.

BTW i believe that this ZOE game for the 3DS is probably a port of one or both of the PS2 titles. I make that assumption based on the fact that Kojima is producing a port (snake eater) for the 3DS so i expect him to do the same for ZOE on the 3DS. My only question is why doesn't Kojima make new games on the 3DS instead of ports of PS2 titles?

MrWonderful2686d ago

I hope its about the remakes with a version for vital as well