Dead Island dev offers an apology and DLC

Following a line of code being found in Dead Island that refers to a female characters skill as a "Feminist Whore" trait, Techland have issued a statement that apologises for one of their employees' huge blunders.

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JoGam2599d ago

I feel like this...Don't release a game with bugs. Play your game and test everything before customer get it. If that happens you don't have to apologize for anything.

Red_Phoenix2599d ago

Every program has at least one bug. This is a well known fact by all programmers. There is no way to fix every bug. Also, the game had to be finished by a certain date, which prevents them from testing everything, and this games budget was not that high, so they probably couldn't afford to hire many testers. Sometimes bugs make for a better gaming experience. Take GTA IV for example.

danielle0072599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )


Also, as a general rule to follow, DON'T PUT OFFENSIVE LINES OF CODE IN YOUR GAME. You might not remember to go back and fix it. .. Like this.

Srsly, this is the worst launch I have seen for any game .. ever. Uploading the wrong game to steam, needing a Day 1 patch to fix everything, and now .. this nonsense. All within a few days.

MysticStrummer2599d ago

@Red_Phoenix - If you're suggesting this game has only one or even only a few bugs, I have to assume you haven't played it. It's a mess and should not have been released yet.

AntoineDcoolette2599d ago

Am I the only one to experience 0 bugs with this game outside of a few minor graphical glitches?

SilentNegotiator2599d ago

Maybe people wouldn't be sniffing around the code so much if the game had released less buggy...

WillGuitarGuy2599d ago

Every open world game I've played has had bugs. Its impossible to not have bugs at first.

NCAzrael2598d ago

Personally, I could care less about the offensive code. Anyone who gets butthurt over a simple line of code probably has some other issues they need to look into. People need to grow a goddamn backbone and get over themselves already.

Now as far as releasing a buggy game... If you know it's buggy, don't release it. I'm not talking about hidden obscure bugs that are hard to replicate after several hours of gameplay, either. I'm talking the bugs that pull up a chair, light up a cigarette, and blow smoke in your face to make sure you know they're there. But I don't blame developers for that so much as I do the publishers who push the deadline and force the release. They are the ones who should apologize, and they are the ones who should be fronting the bill for our DLC.

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showtimefolks2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

and so little time i think i will pick this up in 2012 in a month where there are no big releases.

dead island

4 games as of right now i will pick up whenever i can get them under 20 bucks in bodycount's case under 15

gamingdroid2598d ago

Personal opinion here, but Bodycount isn't even worth my time even if it was free. I regretted downloading the demo....

Bolts2598d ago

The only game on that list worth buying Dead Island. Best zombie game of this gen.

Capcom wish they can a zombie game this good and Skyrim's melee system better measure up to Dead Island melee.

NCAzrael2598d ago

I got Driver through Gamefly earlier this week. It may not be worth $60, but it's actually a lot more enjoyable than I would have given it credit for. The whole body jumping thing is actually a fun mechanic, although it still makes the story a bit nonsensical. I really hope the next Driver gets back to the more serious tone of the previous games.

But still, it's worth checking out, even if it is just a rental.

subtenko2599d ago

I wanna know who complained. Snoop them out!! Lets complain about everything they like so they can see how it feels when other people nit-pick stupid stuff.

If I can find you at least one video on youtube of someone doing this, I'll be happy justice was done somewhere in the world! "Complainer gets complained about the way their lawn is setup..offends person" Complainers Response on video = priceless

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

SephirothX212598d ago

Who cares? A feminist line of code lol. People are so sensitive nowadays. Harden the f*ck up!

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BattleTorn2599d ago

Where does it say it's going to be free?

Legion2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

I am assuming he is referring to the free DLC mentioned. "Anyone who purchased Dead Island from the online retailer ShopTo should have a redemption code for The Bloodbath Arena pack included with their copy of the game for free."

SuperStrokey11232599d ago

Serious? Did they really need to apologize over a single line of code? People are trying to hard to find stuff to complain about... pretty pathetic.

danielle0072599d ago

... When that single line of code is very offensive to certain people, yes - they need to apologize .. . . . . duh.

SuperStrokey11232599d ago

Get out, thats just lunacy PC BS to the extreme. THere is no need to apologize of something like this.

Caleb_1412599d ago

They've got nothing to lose by apologising and only respect to gain from the people that may have been offended by this. Standard business practice.

NCAzrael2598d ago

First off, "Feminist whore" is such a total oxymoron, so that right there should take the wind out of anyone's sails who seriously want to get upset about it.

And second, people really need to stop getting offended by every little thing. "Oh boo-hoo, someone said a bad word." Grow up or please, quit wasting oxygen.

Silentmerc3nary2599d ago

I cannot believe this is getting so much attention. It was an inside joke. It wasn't even in the game (well, i 'spose it was *in* the game), and the only way to get to it was by looking through the code, which frankly practically no one who plays video games does, or knows how to, for that matter. If there was an exploit or something you could do to get the game to display "This skill used to be called Feminist Whore", then yeah I could see a problem about that, but it wasn't. It was just a guy looking through lines and lines of code. Big deal. I thought it was like an Easter egg when I first saw this "news". Apparently I misread all the articles.

andibandit2598d ago

they should stand by their words, cowards

drosera12598d ago

Agreed, this world is becoming too "politically correct". Seems you can find something offensive in everything nowdays. Just play the damn game people, it's really fun!

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ChrisW2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Oh, what the hell??? Seriously?!? Oh, hell no!!! To appease stupid crack-headed feminist lawyer whores?!? No! Absolutely NOT!!! Keep your damn free DLC.

In fact, I'm going to start working on a MOD that changes the title of that skill to it's proper name, "Feminist Whore." And if someone does it before me, I will buy them breakfast at the Mustang Bridge Ranch.

danielle0072599d ago

Or maybe they offended a bunch of people needlessly, and they should apologize.

I understand that guys are the majority on here, and the typical feminist has a bad rep, but they shouldn't have had that trait name in there, regardless. That would be like having the black guy having a trait that's a racial slur. It's obviously not necessary, and it's obviously offensive.

SuperStrokey11232599d ago

Or perhaps militant feminists need to stop being so easily offended. But of course that just makes sense...

OcelotRigz2599d ago

People like you drive me crazy.
All the crap and problems in the world and you are complaining about an offensive trait name from a video game?

Go and boil your head, hows that for offensive?

BX812599d ago

I have to agree on this. It's ok to joke around with your co workers but keep your work proffesional and take pride in your work. Work hard, play harder!

GTRrocker2599d ago

Wait one sec, I'll get you a violin...

Getowned2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

I agree with you danielle007 I don't know why you are geting so many disagrees with everyone.It seems people just have no manners anymore this was very unprofessional of them no if's and's or but's.

even seems some people are tring make an excuse to make it ok, some even going as far to say it's ok because there are bigger problems in this world(which he is probably not even doing any thing to help out and try to make the world a better place,and if you're not part of the help you're part of the problem..even fixing the smallest problems is doing the world all the good some times it's the little things) It was'nt right that they put that in their game but it was good of them to apologize and give out free dlc.

NCAzrael2598d ago

WARNING: This post may contain offensive material.

I really want to meet someone who was offended by one line of code that they never would have seen had someone else not found it first. And I really want to meet someone lacking enough intelligence to realize that the phrase "feminist whore" is complete rubbish.

I'd really like to take one person who was offended by this and make them spend an evening in my house just so they can hear all of the random, offensive things that get said. If "feminist whore" gets your dander up, I can't imagine how long it would take before the house battle-cry of "Bitches!" gets you all worked up. Never mind the constant comparing of someone's actions to the Nazis, or the opposing accusation of being Jewish. There are plenty of things far worse than this that get spewed forth from my roommates and I on a regular occurrence.

The thing is, everything that we do or say is not meant or taken with the slightest bit of offense. Words are just words, and once you realize that you take away their ability to do any harm. It's the people that get upset over stupid shit like this that empower these words to offend people in the first place.

And this has nothing to do with manners in the slightest. It all boils down to one person's (or maybe even a group of people's) sense of humor. "Feminist whore" is funny because it's stupid. It's a combination of two words that don't go together, like "Catholic transvestite" or "lazy workaholic."

Honestly, its stuff like this, all of the big hoopla over a couple of lousy words, that make me wish for a zombie apocalypse.

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ChrisW2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Hmmmm... I seem to have lost a bubble because of that comment.
Was 5, now I'm 4...

Well, I do most sincerely and solemnly apologize to anyone I offended with a comment written in the way that it was. I will be more than happy to make up for it in some sort of monetary way. How does a year's supply of tampons sound?

NCAzrael2598d ago

You've got my bubble vote, but don't worry, you can keep the tampons.

ChrisW2598d ago

Well thank you... but are you sure about the tampons? They work great for things like nose bleeds.

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