Bowling Confirms No Zombies In Modern Warfare 3

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has made it clear there won’t be a zombie mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Bowling said via Twitter, "No zombies in #MW3 although we do have a very different style of co-op in our new infinite wave based Spec Ops Survival mode"

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PantherDST2649d ago

That is the best thing about COD...

rezzah2649d ago

The closest thing to a real CoD game is anything made my IW, anything else (zombies) is a rip off of the actual series in a cheap trick to make some extra cash.

Sledge Hammer
and who ever else joined in on the fun.

KyRo2649d ago

Really because MW2 was a broken mess. Black Ops was the best one since COD4. It had it's problems but it was nowhere near as unbalanced and one sided as MW2.

rezzah2648d ago

The graphical downgrade didn't mean anything?

the fact that the game was obviously rushed and that they did little to fix the constant lag online doesn'st mean anything?

When you shoot with your red dot sign on your enemy first and yet they kill you first, then you wonder wth just happened. Look at the killvid and you see that you never were actually hitting the enemy and they saw you shooting to their side because their actual "body" wasn't in that spot where you were shooting.

This is the main thing that Black Ops suffered from. That body lag in which you think you hit someones yet they really arn't in that very spot, but right next to it.

Michael-Jackson2649d ago

Bowling Confirms No Zombies In Modern Warfare 3 Disc


Jobesy2649d ago

I guess you still haven't caught on to the pattern that zombies is a Treyarch thing and only comes in their games...

Quagmire2649d ago

until they release it as overpriced DLC

rezzah2649d ago

they said total price of DLC to be released will be 75 while the elite bs will be 50 each year.

All in all if you still itch for DLC then the cheapest way to go in the long run will be the 75. And that's only if you want to get then all over the months.

Hdz542649d ago

was this even necessary? Don't think anyone was expecting zombies in mw3

Alos882649d ago

Activision confirms Zombies Bowling for Modern Warfare 3

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