Team Ninja planning new game announcement for Tokyo Game Show

Gematsu: "Ninja Gaiden III won’t be the only Team Ninja production at the Tokyo Game Show. The Tokyo-based developer is teasing a new title announcement for next week."

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Tanir2594d ago

better be dead or alive 5......seriously its been forever since 4

lastdual2594d ago

Agreed. Really hope it's not another western knock-off game like Quantum Theory.

Tanir2594d ago

yeah that would really upset me. plus i would really like to play as momiji!!!!

just a question, have you seen Dead Fantasy???? most DOA/FF fans have, but just making sure haha

lastdual2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Yep, I've seen it :)

First ep for those who haven't:

tiffac0082594d ago

Yeah and make it multiplat this time so every can savor and share the bounciness errr... yeah ehem...

Darrius Cole2594d ago

Oh! DOA5 will definitely be multiplat this time. At the rate Team Ninja has been going since Hayashi took over it may even be timed exclusive on PS3.

The_G3n3r4l2594d ago

I hope its DOA5 as well! Its been so long..

Andreas-Sword2594d ago

I think its Dead or Alive 5
For the PS3 and Xbox 360

Inception2594d ago

If not DoA 5 than Ninja Gaiden for Vita.

MasterCornholio2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Oh yeah just announce Ninja Gaiden for the Vita and i will be extremely happy. Because the Vita has an excellent control scheme which is perfect for fighting games and many other genres.

Bring it on Team Ninja and may we hack limbs off on the way to class.


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