Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 7.1 wireless surround headphone review - PlayDevil

PlayDevil posted a very in depth hardware review of the new 7.1 wireless surrond headphone from "Turtle Beach", the "Ear Force PX5" for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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FAGOL2597d ago

I really wanted these, especially because you can play your own music through them while gaming. But it requires 2xAA batteries. Sure you can buy rechargable batteries but how long will one charge last?

Hopefully Sony's new headset can be connected to bluetooth devices aswell.

strange19862597d ago

I've had mine for a few months and absolutely love them. Totally worth the money in my opinion.

Blacktric2597d ago

It can't. It doesn't have bluetooth. That's why you need to connect that USB wireless transmitter dongle into the PS3.

[email protected]2597d ago

@ FAGOL: my rechargeable eneloop batt can hit almost 18/20 hours when I was on my personal platinum hunting marathon playing Demon's Souls on the last few days included streaming my music from my iPhone toward the headset :)

FAGOL2596d ago

hmm thanks for the info.

Boody-Bandit2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I'm not a big fan of Turtle Beach gaming cans. They are light weight but at the expense of a plastic shell. They have decent sound, real good base but just feel cheaply made. They do offer a lot in options and features though but I just want great sound and voice communication and not bells and whistles.

The only gaming phone I really like are Beyerdynamics MMX 300. The only problem with them is you need a mix amp like the Astro 5.8 to use them on the 360 and PS3. Their build quality is excellent and sound is even better than their build quality but they aren't cheap. With the amp you will most likely have to shell out $375 to $500 to purchase the combo depending on where you find them.

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