Flame Red Tomorrow, But 3DS Already on Fire

Jeff from Volatile Mode explains the dramatic increase in sales post price drop for Nintendo's handheld and explains why the slump in sales can be attributed to many other factors.

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klecser2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

The only problem I have with this "mobile gaming is hurting platforms" argument is that it assumes that mobile gaming draws market share away from portie consoles. I'm sure to some extent that's true but I think that draw is greatly exaggerated. The biggest impact that mobile gaming has had is on bringing NEW markets to gaming. Very few gamers that I know buy iOS games. Why? iOS games pretty much suck after the first 30 minutes. They lack the depth of portie console games. Hardcore gamers are more than willing to pay more for something that they can get 40 hours of enjoyment out of that has good controls than an iOS game that they'll get a few hours enjoyment out of with crappy awkward controls. The low price is deceiving and has tricked people. A one dollar game with very little replayability that lasts a few hours is not as good of a value to me as a game that I can get dozens of hours out of with better production values and that are generally less bug-y.

Anyway, a NEW market and SHIFTED market SHARE are two different things and the entire "iOS doomed handhelds" argument has assumed more of the latter than actually exists.

MasterCornholio2686d ago

I agree as well i really don't see core gamers going for phone games because of the abysmal production values and lack of any sort of control besides the touchscreen. MobilePhone fans just cant accept that big budget titles for portables are going to be much better than the typical angry birds game that you buy for a euro off the market.

You want quality gaming on the go buy a 3DS or a Vita instead of a smartphone

Deal with it haters