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CVG: For your own curiosity and the occasional giggle that Rise of Nightmares provides, horror fans could consider this a worthwhile rental. But for those waiting for Kinect's truly killer R-rated app, the wait goes on.

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Philoctetes2649d ago

5.6 out of 100 is pretty low, no?

Chaostar2649d ago

lol my mistake, its out of 10, sorry.

darthv722649d ago

meaning we have gamed the same for so long that the idea of something coming along that is different and requires you to play different will be met with skepticism.

I will certainly try this for myself and keep an open mind in doing so.

Elvfam5112649d ago

Just the other day I was reading comments of Dead Island saying they don't want to make weapons from scratch and want everything handed to them I was like o..... I might.try this...

Paradicia2649d ago

Your saying sorry for a typo on an alternate account :/


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smashcrashbash2649d ago

Why is it so hard to fathom that the game is just not any good? Think about it like this. If it was a non Kinect game and it was like this would you buy it? If it was getting 3s and 4s like this would you have still brought it? The point is you don't excuse the things this game does wrong because its Kinect. Many games get brutally reviewed and this game is no different from them.