Dead Island - should we kill the kids?

Increasingly, games are standing up to taboos. So should Techland’s DEAD ISLAND, released this week, have allowed us to throw a child from the window in the way its trailer did?

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Wizziokid2595d ago

well i think kids should be included in a zombie apocalypse i mean if it did happen (and it's actually possible) what do people think, all kids would just disappear?

dark-hollow2595d ago

I think including killable children In games will make more harm than good.

It will cause a media outrage and banning in some countries.

Pozzle2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

So? Developers shouldn't have to bend over backwards just to please the media OR a country's stupid rating systems. They should be allowed to make the games they want to make.

Games will never be taken seriously as a medium if developers keep removing anything remotely controversial, in fear that someone somewhere might be offended by it.

And if people are upset by the killing of children in a game, that's GOOD. Killing zombified children is supposed to be horrifying; that's why it would be a great addition to ANY zombie game. It would drive home just how horrible and indiscriminate a zombie apocalypse would be- the zombies aren't only going after adults. They would go after children too. So if people are offended by that, then let them be offended. I think Steve Hughes sums it up nicely in this video...

mistajeff2595d ago

the original fallouts had killable kids, though some countries made them remove the feature. i remember the first time i killed a kid that pickpocketed me.. it kinda stunned me after i did it. partially because the death animations in the original fallout games were so amazingly gruesome, but also because i didn't expect the game to let me do it. it had a bigger impact on me the second time i played, when i organized the junkies in that town to start up an orphanage to give the homeless kids a proper home. simply knowing there was an option to kill the kids made the fact that i was helping them that much more meaningful to me.

not sure what kind of point i'm making here.. just take that as you will lol.

WhiteLightning2595d ago

Pozzle has a point

Developers shouldn't cut back on their ideas because they're scared to offend some people.

Look at Bethesda for example they removed killing children in Fallout and probably won't let us do it in Skryim....but why, killing an adult and killing a child is still murder at the end of the day. I wanted to blow Mayor Mcreedys head off in Fallout 3 when he said he was going to "blow my f*cking head off" if I got to close...I wanted to blow his head off but it dosen't mean I would do that in real's a video game

Does everyone forget that Dead Space 2 had exploding Babies, nothing was said because Visceral Games didn't say anything to draw attention to it. Bethesda and any other studio like Techland should just add them and make them killable but don't say anything....just let us find out by our self.

MischievousIQ2595d ago

I should be able to shoot children, kick puppies and punch babies!

Legion2595d ago

I look at it this way. If we can kill babies in movies (See: It's Alive, Devil Times 5, Wicked Little Things... etc.) then we should be able to do it in the video games.

Or at least SEE kids being killed at a minimum. I have made it a point to now make an Indie game that will pass the XBL censors and be playable and it will either have children Zombies or some form of child death in it.

dark-hollow2595d ago

Am not saying that it's the right thing to do, it's stupid and the media should consider that not all video games are kids toys!
But from a developers prospective, you don't want your game to banned in any country, nor they want hoards of angry parents, news stations and shit!

Killing virtual kids in games should be ok, but if killing "innocent" virtual people upset some people, then imagine the shitstorm of rage a game with killable children would cause.

So my point is don't blame the developer for the mainstream media ignorance.

If movies can do whatever they want.
If CARTOONS (family guy) can do whatever they want,
Then why not video games?? The little "M" iin the cases of 18+ video games is not for decorating.

rjdofu2595d ago

Children = human, adults = human. Why can adults be killed in video games but not children? In this game, all of them are zombies anyway, so it's just common sense to kill all the zombies right?
Personally, if there's somethings approach me with killing intents, I would kick the F out of them regardless adults or children.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2595d ago

People got to grow up. You can kill Adults but not Kids? I seriously don't see a big deal with it. The media loves to take things out of proportion and start a outrage by people who don't even no the first thing about video games.

Aerie2595d ago

It's funny. It WILL upset the media. But it wont upset the gamers who actually play the games. In games like GTA, or zombie games, or even RPGs like Skyrim (which will actually have kids), kids need to be present if you want your game world to appear realistic or engaging. If they're that worried about a backlash, then make the kids unkillable..have them get knocked out instead (Fallout 3/New Vegas...though you could kill kids in the first two original titles). Or have the citizens of the game world hunt your character down. something! Anything! I hate it when kids are absent from a game world.

Mutant-Spud2595d ago

Yeah that's a glaring problem with Assassin's Creed, no kids,there are plenty of ways they could be worked into games without making them killable.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2595d ago

Look @ Fable games, they have kids in their world and you can't kill them but you can kill adults. That's a way to work kids into the world.

mamotte2595d ago

Next Episode: COD and BF: Should we kill kid's dads?

Thecraft19892595d ago

Lol well reminded of austin powers :)

bigboss7162595d ago

I think they should...would make sence if they did.

Cpt_kitten2595d ago

ugh and here come more savage articles about wanting to kill kids again.......and yet people wonder why political people and news stories blame video games for a lot of thing, its the savages wanting to kill kids that are ruining gaming for us

MrSpace2595d ago

Are you serious....your the kind of the people who ruin gaming, the goodi twoshoes who believe in all this pollitical correctness crap....this is why it's become the way it is today and why things keep getting dumbed down to keep people like your self happy.

I mean's a video game mate. We still get nut jobs today killing their mam, dad, friend etc over video games but is it the video games fault or the nut job who actually managed to do a thing like that. Video games are just used as an excuse so they can be let off, it's better then blaming your self IF you can blame something else. That is why even parents of these murderers blame video games because they can't accept the fact that their kid, that they've raised has turned into a killer, so instead of blaming their crappy parenthood they blame videogames like everyone else.

Jesus....what's wrong with you, supporting a feature like killing kids is nothing, it's just us trying to get developers to not be afraid of "offending people" and buying into all this pollitical correctness crap like you have. People like you are the ones making a big deal over it I bet if video games today let you do this then you would happily play the game.

Captain Qwark 92595d ago

if i could, i would hit the agree button 15x....

Cpt_kitten2595d ago

oh i can assure you i am nowhere near a goodi twoshoes as you say, my life is more screwed up than anything

but there is a difference between killing drug addicts in grand theft auto and an innocent kid

and yes i say savagery in the full sense because wanting to kill someone isn't just in a video game its a real feeling we all have to deal with however in videogames there are no boundaries whereas in the real world we have consequences for our games are a means to escape our normal life and get away from the stress of work, relationships, responsibly, whatever

and your right devs shouldn't be afraid to offend people, i tell people right at my job that they disgust me because they look like they haven't taken a shower in a year or if there talking like they think there a rapper i tell they to go get an education and speech therapy before they should be allowed to speak
but children, they haven't done anything if there screwed up its the parents fault but by what you are trying to support then we shouldn't be punished in the real world for killing a child.....savages like you disgust me, like i said i am no where near being nice or friendly but at least i know the difference between something idiotic like this "kill all children" argument and say "gta should be banned for its content" two completely different arguments the first should never be up for discussion and the gta argument is stupid yet true but i wouldn't say it should be banned cause of it

ryhanon2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Cpt_kitten, you're an idiot.

"but there is a difference between killing drug addicts in grand theft auto and an innocent kid"

Oh? What about killing cops in GTA? Innocent bystanders on the street? What about all the other games where killing innocents is possible? Why is it ok to kill one group or class of people and not another? How is virtually murdering a child any different than virtually murdering any other person?

"i say savagery in the full sense because wanting to kill someone isn't just in a video game its a real feeling we all have to deal with"

Really? Can't say I've ever been overcome with a desire to kill anyone before.

"but by what you are trying to support then we shouldn't be punished in the real world for killing a child"

Uhm... when did *ANYONE* say that there should be no punishments for killing children in the real world? Where the hell are you getting that from? In fact, I haven't seen anyone even suggest there should be no punishments for killing kids in a *virtual* world.

If a game came along that allowed me to kill children, whether on accident or on purpose, I'd fully expect there to be severe consequences for those actions. Just as there are consequences for breaking the law in most games.

I can understand why people are upset by the idea. I can understand why people might find it in poor taste. However, over time, as games grow and mature and come ever closer to emulating the real world, eventually evolving to have a meaningful voice in society, much like film, television and literature, taboo subjects are bound to be broached. This is the natural evolution of any expressive medium. It's not a question as to whether or not it will happen, but *when* it will happen.

It has happened with every form of media throughout history and *WILL* happen with games at some point or another. In fact, I'd argue that it already has happened, just not on a hugely public forum yet.

Reading your comments reminds me of the public outcry over A Modest Proposal ( ) by people who were too obtuse to understand the point.

LStratford2595d ago

Perhaps you should have read the article. It's questioning whether we have, will, or ever should consider something like killing children in games.

WhiteLightning2595d ago

"but there is a difference between killing drug addicts in grand theft auto and an innocent kid"

Oh for the love of god, not this again

Not EVERYONE in GTA is a drug addict or a murderer, I bet every gamer who has played on GTA has went on killing spree's when they get bored.

Everyones done it, it's Grand Theft for god sake, it would be weird if you didn't. Most of those people though you kill on your rampage are civilians...innocent bystanders and yet people still kill them.

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