Sony, I Promise Not To Kill Anyone With My PlayStation Move

Do we really need to sit through a health and safety briefing every time we want to play a PlayStation Move-enabled game? Sony seems to think so but maybe there's a solution that pleases gamers AND Sony's legal team...

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iamnsuperman3310d ago

It is more covering their backs. If the warning signs are there and industry to property or person happens then Sony cannot be sued. A disclaimer would work but these seconds long pre game notices are exactly in the way. It seems a silly rant over nothing

JoGam3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

HEADS UP stated by tapping the "X" button rapidly will speed up that screen. Works every time I do it. When the MOVE screen appears tap the X button rapidly. Keep tapping. The screen will speed up. Really works! SPREAD THE WORD!

Caffo013310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

wtf i thought everyone knew that already...XD

Heartnet3310d ago

only works cuz ur mind is on spamming the x button and not on waiting :)

mandf3310d ago

Finally an intelligent comment on an article. No one ever complained when the WII did it. People are to sue happy and businesses need to protect their investment.

Gray-Fox-Type03310d ago

first time i saw this screen i was like am i playing the wii?! it was on killzone 3. Now every game with move its annoying.

Pacman3213310d ago

How is it annoying? It lasts about 10 seconds, are you really that impatient?

Chimpanzee3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

I hope it's obvious from the tone of the article that this isn't a serious, raging rant. I'm not really sat at my living room sweating with my jaw and fists clenched whenever the Move safety notices appear.

It was more of an attempt to suggest a simple idea to rid the PS3 of one of those tiny little annoyances, in a humorous way. Granted, comedy isn't my strong suit :)
I just didn't think "Why don't Sony add an option to the settings to disable the Move safety warnings" justified a blog post of its own.

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Chaostar3310d ago

Actually its necessary because todays sue happy culture would flood Sony's Lawyers inbox with their self-entitled requests for money after 'accidentally' being 'emotionally damaged' from smacking their social worker round the chops with the business end of a Move controller.

We should all blame Sony though, actually we should sue for 'loss of earnings' due to the few seconds we had to wait for those screens to pop up, we're entitled right?

dark-hollow3310d ago

As long as there are stupid people who sues for their OWN mistakes, then yep.
They should include those warnings.

Drekken3310d ago

Just another stupid screen we have to sit through before we can play... Its a shame some people are so greedy and stupid.

dinkeldinkse3310d ago

But they have to for legal reasons.

BattleTorn3310d ago

definitely true.

But it's like the "online play isn't rated by EBS#* thing.

They don't go through it in detail by explaining what that means.

I think they could do with a line of text on another screen, without the entire photo animation showing you.
something like "Motion-user beware of playing field, and related risks"

bozebo3310d ago

Motion control games are usually bad anyway :/

Why bother caring? You are only going to have the disk in once or twice.

BattleTorn3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Killzone 3, Resistance 3, MAG, Socom4

seems like im naming my favorites.

bozebo3310d ago

I was referring to purely motion controller games, not games designed for a controller then they add in motion control to please their publishers.

But then that forces everybody to sit through the stupid safety message >_<

Redempteur3310d ago


Viper73310d ago

Actually what he means is that these games work really well with Move. So not just publishers but gamers as well.

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