Dead Island: Two Painful Glitches

GIR's FP discusses 2 glitches that he encountered that ended up making him quite upset

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One-X2599d ago

Ouch.. This needs to get patched up quick if it's happening a lot. I feel sorry for the devs, they're clearly working hard on it, but I guess one fixed bug means another major bug. I sure hope they fix this soon.

TheShow172599d ago

The save system is terrible! Why can't I manually save a game? They could even have save locations that you have to reach so you can save. You're pretty much at the mercy of whenever that small save icon shows up, and half the time I miss it.

Or, like Just Cause 2, you can manually save anytime and it auto-saves every time you inch closer to the 100% completion.

Awesome game, terrible save system...