NowGamer - NHL 12 (PS3) Review

NowGamer - We’ve reached something of a tipping point now with NHL 12. While we were fine trundling along, allowing for minor changes and improvements here and there, we’re now calling it: this is the same game that’s come out three years running now.

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rew1822598d ago

While I've only played the demo and I do have a biased opinion, I would hardly say it's the same game. The fact that the puck moves differently (the reviewer calls it loosely) is a difference in the game. Pucks don't stick to the players stick and allows for the more realism of hockey. The puck doesn't stick to the goalie again more realistically. You can crash into the goalie and screen the goalie. These are not minor changes these are changes that creates a more realistic goal. I don't want to sound like a troll, but I disagree with the concept that it's a not a different game. The changes they made, make it feel more realistic, not more loose. That's how hockey works.

jukins2597d ago

I agree with ya. each year the game gets more realistic. and this year is no different cant wait till tuesday had more than enough amazon credit to get this for free.

AnonUser55552597d ago

Seriously, this is just a hit-grab. Year after after, this is the most highly rated sports game around. There would be an uproar if they changed too much.

In all honesty, the ONLY thing I would like to see overhauled is the commentary. They've gotten a bit lazy in that department and it's time to either record a whole lot more phrases (preferred) or an entirely new team (dont want this).