Dead Island Sales 'Won't Live Up To Hype' - Analyst

NowGamer - Gamers more interested in Call of Duty, Gears sequels.

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evrfighter2649d ago

It'll pay for itself and leave some change for the devs. Which is the only thing that matters.

They seem to be on it in terms of patches which is both a blessing and frustrating. It was clearly rushed at launch with plans to finish through patches but unlike other studios they were quick with the patches.

This will be successful as it is now a working game on pc and consoles but their philosophy stinks.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32649d ago

I don't have the game yet but the 4 out of the 5 friends that are online right now on my friends list are playing the game.

smashman982649d ago

about every one i know has this game

not just friends i mean everybody i saw 2 dudes buying like 3 copies at gamestop when i went to get mine. this game is selling great

jophus2649d ago

The game is unpolished as all get out, but it's sooooo friggin' addictive. Like, I don't mind that I can DRIVE A TRUCK IN THE OCEAN. The reactions the zombies give when you whack 'em around is fantastic.

Seriously, my personal favorite zombie game thus far.

Xenial2649d ago

lmao, haha. I actually did that too, went under water and came back up fine.

jophus2649d ago

It's hilarious. I'm expecting the twist to be you're Jesus Christ and that's why you've been able to walk on water the entire time.

They seriously did an insanely great job on the zombies themselves, etc....but it's hilarious to see that, then kick a beach ball only to have it go about as far as a rock and not bounce, or float in water.

Xenial2648d ago

Yes, you should get it. Make sure you have a few friends to play with too. It's fun, and the recent patch fixes a lot of the annoying bugs. Just my opinion. I suggest you go watch some game play videos though as reviews are sometimes skewed.

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The story is too old to be commented.