Forza Garage Thursday Roundup 9/8

With all this discussion of the LF-A, it’s probably no surprise that it’s today’s Forza Garage new car reveal, but as you read about what makes it special you’ll probably not be too disappointed that it was shown on TopGear USA, too.

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m232685d ago

Gears 3 will have to tide me over, I have a paper due the same day Forza 4 comes out. I guess I'll finish a little early and drop off the paper, then pick up Forza :)

ironwolf2685d ago

I'm playing on Forza 3 at the moment, and occasionaly I switch over to the original Test Drive Unlimited. I'm going nuts waiting for this game.

BlmThug2684d ago

I just bought Alan Wake and Just Cause 2 with all the DLC for both. Should keep me occupied till October 14th