GameSpot - We Just Played Red Orchestra 2 (in beta)

GameSpot - We learn that Rambo tactics just don't cut it in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.

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Corax2622d ago

I want this for PS3, it's like the Battlefield 3 of WWII era this game is gonna be great.

Solid_Snake-2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

lol. battlefield 3 players will find this a tough game. battlefield v red orchestra = apples and oranges.

EDIT: this is actually a hardcore first person shooter.

aside from ARMA. red orchestra makes battlefield,killzone,gears of war,halo and resistance look like call of duty. if you are bothered about your kill/death ratio then this game will gimp you.

Corax2622d ago

So, every game has it's learning curve.

caboose322622d ago

This game has an exceptionally......large learning curve.

Many fps gamers (CoD and BF) will not like this game do to its hard difficulty and the sheer amount of time you will spend staring at the respawn counter.

None the less, it will be an amazing game for those who enjoy high tensity, realistic shooters.

Corax2622d ago

@Solid_Snake- "The only way to get smarter is by playing a smarter opponent." - Fundamentals of Chess 1885

Or me rewording it "The only way to play better is by playing a better opponent." I don't care what that game will make xyz look like if it's a good game i don't see a problem. Problem?

evrfighter2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

I've dabbled in Arma for a bit. so I was at home when I first played the beta.

picked up a semi rifle and went to town poppin heads as they peeked from windows. completely paved the way for my side to push up and dominate that side for the rest of the round.

though will admit in close quarters your reflexes better be extremely quick because you only have one shot even with a semi-auto rifle to give before you get mowed down. That game I happened to get lucky and my flick shots were connecting. I haven't played since though thanks to dead island

TheGameFoxJTV2622d ago

Not true. If the only BF game's you've played are the Bad Company games then yes. You're gonna hate it. But, if you played PR, and BF2. Then you'll feel right at home. Because the same strategies that work in BF2, and PR work in this game.

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bumnut2622d ago

@Corax, This is nothing like battlefield, it is seriously hardcore.

Expect to die many times without even seeing an enemy soldier.

Corax2622d ago

I don't care "The only way to play better is by playing a better opponent." I don't care what that game will make xyz look like if it's a good game I don't see a problem. Problem?

bumnut2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

You will care when you get killed so many times you feel like putting your fist through your monitor!

I was only offering advice, if you want to totally ignore it enjoy

JDW2621d ago

I'm hyped for this game.

Pre-ordered on Steam and waiting for the release, should be fun.