GTA 4 Mods: Experimenting With iCEnhancer Gives A Glimpse Of Next Gen Graphics

iCEnhancer for GTA 4 is great. Modders experimented with the graphics enhancer and the outcoming results are just awesome. Check it out!

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LightofDarkness2687d ago

Oh my god, if I see another article about this thing I am going to lose my s**t... Everyone's seen the screenshots! Shiny cars during the day time with overly luminescent buildings, shiny cars at night in Times Square. They're almost always screenshots of the same crap. GET OVER IT. IT'S STILL GTA IV ON THE INSIDE.

Si-Fly2687d ago

Well said, driving me nuts too.

josephayal2687d ago ShowReplies(1)
BlmThug2687d ago

Its all bloom and effects FFS