New Batman: Arkham City Villain Being Revealed - September 15th GTTV New Batman: Arkham City villain revealed in next week's GTTV.

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Blacktric2690d ago

This is really getting annoying. I mean we got it, there'll be more than 3 very important villains in the game but isn't that enough already?

The Matrix2690d ago

Oh come on, give Rocksteady a break. This is probably the last boss battle that they forgot to spoil when they were spoiling the rest of the entire game.

mrmikew20182690d ago

LMAO, that's funny bro. Castlevania Lord of Shadows did the same thing. I didn't realize that the trailers show every single boss, except for two or three.

ladybug72690d ago

What’s up your ass? Since when did a lot of content start to become annoying? These guys are putting so much effort into making an amazing game, while many other developers make a simple game and release a crap load of dlc shortly after release with absurd prices, sif complain about another new villain this news in fact makes me even more excited for this game.

Blacktric2690d ago

You know, it's your kind that annoys me the most on this site. "People" that reads too much into things and ends up manipulating the facts. Stop for one goddamn second and think how many villains are in the game so far and tell me if you're not afraid that Rocksteady might not pull it this time due to having way too many villains (and most of them are very important to the Batman canon). And try to be more respectful next time when you're writing a pathetic comment.

ryhanon2690d ago

Gotta agree with Blacktric on this one.

I understand where you're coming from but, in the Batman universe, the villains are almost as important as Batman himself. On the surface it seems like it'd be easy to think "Awesome! Rocksteady is putting in so much content! This is fantastic!" -- the problem though is that the more they cram in there the less confidence I have that they'll flesh out these characters in such a way that they're still interesting.

They have so many villains at this point that I can't help but think our only interaction with them in the game will be in the form of a one-off boss fight. Will that really be doing these characters justice? I hope that won't end up being the case because I'm really looking forward to this game.

Anyway, even if there is no doubt to their ability to pull it all off, they've literally spoiled *everything* at this point. The only way to spoil more about this game would be if they posted videos of full play-throughs on YouTube. I can't understand why they don't want to leave some surprises for people. I was sold on this game as soon as I knew it was being made. I was doubly sold on it when I knew Joker, Penguin and Two-Face were going to have major roles in the game. It would have just been icing on the cake to unexpectedly bump into Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Black Mask, Clayface, etc etc etc... But now I already know ahead of time that all of these characters will make an appearance. It kind of diminishes the impact their appearance might otherwise have.

Sugreev20012690d ago

I hope it's either Clayface or Ventriloquist/Scarface,both made cameo appearances in the first game.Or,it could be The Mad Hatter,he could have a trippy level in the vein of Scarecrow's multiple (and awesome) boss fights.

Forbidden_Darkness2690d ago

I had better not see the villains name or picture in any posts on N4G, seriously. I sick of having the game spoiled. The thing I enjoyed most about BAA was not knowing who I would fight/meet. It made the game that much better, not knowing what to expect.

Also, I would have rather Rocksteady focused on just a few villains (about the same amount as BAA), instead of a few dozens of them, but I still expect BAC to be an amazing game, just wish I knew less about it.

ladybug72689d ago

@ Blacktric, im sorry for being rude and i never thought about it that way, i hope you forgive my rudeness.

Blacktric2689d ago

Since you put it that way, I'm also sorry for replying harshly. Sometimes I lose my control and now I feel terribly sorry. Anyway, it's your opinion and I respect it. Have a nice day.

Hassassin2689d ago

I don't wanna know!!!!! (but I'll see it anyways T_T)

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