Borderlands 2 competitive multiplayer? Gearbox are "interested"

Gearbox confirm they’re “interested” in introducing competitive multiplayer to Borderlands 2 – but stress that, as with the first game, co-operative play is the focus.

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DanSolo2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I think a good competitive multiplayer could definitely help win over new fans to the game, as that is what a lot of people like... but of course the Co-op should ALWAYS remain the main focus.... but it would be nice to have both options done really well... it would give us more choice and expand the user base!

I hope this game has split screen like the first one. I completed the first one ages ago and didn't pick it up again, but I've recently just started seeing a new girl and she likes gaming so I dusted it off and have started a new game with her.... unfortunately there are not too many split screen co-op games this gen.... I didn't give a shit before as my last few birds haven't been into gaming.... but now it is a bit annoying that there are not more split screen games, I really wish Dead Island was split screen... as she also likes shooting Zombies! lol

NuclearDuke2689d ago

Are you ready to put out very well maintained modding tools and community support together with a fully customizable game with great server-to-game interaction and not P2P crap?

EVO-OM3GA2689d ago

I really hope they dont add this element, they It will be totally optional whether to go play competitive or not I can really see it pissing off alot of gamers for a few reasons:

1) Character lvls might give certain players an advantage
2) Character equipment might leave some players being outgunned or being unable to get pass player shields
3) If modders are able to make weapons like they did in Borderlands 1 then I can see it just being a rape fest with players taking advantage of the modded gear they have and ruining that part of the game.

ElementX2689d ago

Shouldn't it be Gearbox "is" interested? I know the company is made up of many people, but the name is singular.

spunnups2689d ago

We dont need multiplayer in every single game release, What we need is bigger better coop modes. Borderlands is the perfect game for it.

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