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Crysis X360/PS3 versus PC - First Sample Of Comparison

DSOGaming writes: "It’s pretty obvious from this early comparison that the console version has lower resolution textures. In fact, it looks a bit ugly. SSAO is nowhere to be found – or was toned down – and although Crytek claims that they used a new lighting system, the results of that change are not as good as we’d hoped to."

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Community2690d ago
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NewZealander2691d ago

anyone else notice theres wee circle valves on the tanks on the xbox version but not the pc pic?


Here we go again with this lame articles. I c another 10 incoming today.

omi25p2690d ago

Its not a lame article, Its showing how good a pc game from 2007 looks compared to a brand new console version

Pixel_Pusher2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

That looks...

Oschino19072690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

@omi25p "'s showing how good a pc game from 2007 looks compared to a brand new console version"

If you're saying "brand new console version" do you mean "brand new CONSOLE version" or "brand new console VERSION".

Current consoles are from 2005-2006 (and not high end at the time) when it comes to anything with processing power and graphics so I guess I am just a little confused with exactly what point you are trying to make?

If you are speaking just of the "version" of the game I don't know exactly what could be done to really make it "brand new" or better considering it still is running on tech from before the time of the games original release.

pixelsword2690d ago

They need to put Crysis on medium settings and then comapare them; as the average PC is probably able to push medium.

...if you want to be fair, that is.

evrfighter2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Thats the beauty of pc. Its not about fair its about taking it to the next level.

But console gamers wouldn't know anything about that

RememberThe3572690d ago

@evrfighter: And that seems to really bother you.

fcpthebest2690d ago


Crysis is not impossible to run anymore...

My new pc, parts arriving next week (custom built), plays crysis at full hd, maxed 8x anti-aliasing, at 50-60 fps.

Just to clear some ideas up...

snipes1012690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Oh jeeze who cares. If I buy a port from a pc game I expect it to not look as good. If I jump in a lake I get wet. If it's fun who the hell cares?

I'm sure it will still look good to console gamers. Y'know, the only people that should even be paying attention to the console release of the game anyhow.

2pacalypsenow2690d ago

@evrfighter nah console gamers just worry about having fun playing the game

Anon19742690d ago

@ 2pacalypsenow. Well, worry about having fun playing games and NOT worrying about resources, what's running in the background, hardware limitations, settings, settings depending on your videocard, videocard drivers in general, playing in front of monitors instead of home theater systems, PC hacks, etc...etc.

Poor console gamers. We just buy our consoles, plug them in, load the games, sink into our couches and play. And to think, our trees could have more leaves on them.

Nothing against PC gamers, if that's how you game, more power to you, but I was a PC gamer for decades it was always a constant battle. I'll take ease of use over slightly better visuals any day. Plus I'm on my PC 8 hours a day for work. Even if I had the best PC gaming rig on the planet, I'd probably still use my 360/PS3 more.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32690d ago

The first set of pics look better on the 360, but the second set looks better on the PC.

bozebo2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )


or just drop the PC resolution down to whatever its rendered at on consoles.

Even people with weak/mid-range PCs will be playing it at a significantly higher resolutions than consoles will be rendering it at - at the lower res of 1440x720 or something, they could probably nearly max it out at far above 30fps (with a gpu like an nvidia 8600 or something, which you can pick up second hand for about £20 and any standard dual core or better cpu that would be in a pc from 2006 onwards).

Though, it will certainly look good enough on consoles. I didn't think crysis was fun anyway (still better than 2 though), its only value to me was for benchmarking so it probably doesn't need to be on consoles - they are just chucking it on to get a load of easy sales, a lot of people will be dissapointed. Crytek turned crap after farcry, which was brilliant.

ProjectVulcan2690d ago

Surprised they didn't bother including Warhead! Don't tell me they are gonna knock that out too and charge again....

I think the external areas looked reasonable for console, but the part where Psycho is talking looks really rough.

DragonKnight2690d ago

What is seriously the point in this? *sigh* More PC fanboy ego stroking. Only a moron would think the PC wouldn't outperform consoles, so why continue to overstate the obvious? I should have started a betting pool on this.

juggulator2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Just wanna point out a few things. I work with UDK and SSAO is always enabled by default. It's kinda strange that CE3 isn't using it for this game since its a console engine. However the lack of SSAO is nothing that will gimp the game. Its just a function that makes it easier for the engine to calculate AO because some believe that AO shouldn't need to be manually tweaked.

As for the screenshot comparision, the PC pic has minimal trees and alot of geometry from the rocks, the 360 pic has alot more trees and bushes but less rocks. It's a smart tradeoff and I commend Crytek for doing it. Also there's obvoiusly some additions to the console version which can be seen by the circle valves on the tanks. I know it's not a game changer but it shows that they'll likely be adding more wherever they see fit. Overall the video looked greatvand I'm very excited to have the chance to play the original Crysis. I feel Crytek really is one of those developers that develops to the strengths of each platform.

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ATi_Elite2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Ah yes almost makes me wanna fire up Crysis right now...such an awesome game!

Glad consolers will get a chance to play Crysis the original way which i think is way better than Crysis 2. And the game looks good on consoles, so far looks like Crytek has done a good job.

Crysis PC with immersion mod (how Crysis 2 should have looked)

john22690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Let's hope that console gamers won't boycott the game just because it was a PC exclusive title all this time.

Most of them were saying that it was simply a tech-demo and nothing more... when in fact its gameplay was way better than the one of Crysis 2 (that those same console gamers enjoyed, despite stating that the first one was sh!t)

buddymagoo2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Really enjoyed Crysis, one of my favourite games and the reason why I ended up building a gaming PC last year.

I'll be buying this for another play through to have the trophies for one of my favourite games.

SugarSoSweet2690d ago

Well said brother! Not only are the graphics so much better the gameplay is more fun, open and sandbox like

HellzAssassin2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Oh hell yes, I still play Crysis... I've replayed the damn game so many times by now, haha. (As well as Crysis Warhead). Love it, and by far one of the best FPS's i've ever played

and yes, I agree with you john2. There were so many console fanboys from both sides claiming Crysis 2 was "just another shooter", generic and whatnot. Which was complete bullshit... They'll play it, and fall in love with it. Haha...

I mean, I'm more of a console (PS3) gamer then my PC, but there are games that are meant to be played on the PC such as Crysis, Battlefield, The Witcher, and other great games out there. But, to each their own; as long as everyone gets to enjoy great games, that's all that matters! :D

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caperjim2690d ago

Pc/console comparison screenshots dont do PC justice. You have to see the two in motion. Most PC screenshots are garbage compared to actually playing the game in person.

Eyesoftheraven2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Here is a high quality video comparison of the two versions:

meetajhu2690d ago

The day consoles will be put to shame

2pacalypsenow2690d ago

consoles have been put to shame by PC for a while but it doesnt matter the games are just as fun or even more fun to some people on consoles and thats all that matters

SilentNegotiator2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Wow, the console version doesn't look as good as the PC version cranked up to highest settings in DX11? ZOMG!!

We'll probably see those sorts of comparisons all day now, too. Sigh....

Edit: Right, DX10. Regardless, my point remains; "No duh"

Pjuice2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

crysis doesn't support dx11 only dx10, crysis 2 doesn't even really support it, it was patched in which never works out as good as a game built from the ground up for dx11 api....the texture pack for pc made it look allot better than console though for sure. and the console screens of crysis look alright but nothing like the pc version in 2007 which an 8800gtx at that time could run maxed out....low fps @1080p and higher but you could do it, also gtx 460's are like 100 bux now which can own about any game at this time.....

OpenGL2690d ago

The PC version of the game that came out before the first Uncharted.

Hanif-8762690d ago

Lets not forget that your average PC from 2007 couldn't dream of running this!

Ravenor2690d ago

Incorrect, I built a friend a Core 2 Quad Q6600, 4gb of Ram and two 8800 GT's. No, it could not run the game with AA. But short of that it was a marvel to be hitting nearly 30fps at 1680*1050 with everything on V.High.

Keep on rollin with that ignorance.

TheIneffableBob2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )


The 8800 GT, a mid-range card, was able to play Crysis at 720p, high settings at 30 FPS.

The "official Crysis PC" had this card in it.

Hanif-8762689d ago

@Ravenor your 100% correct. Please refer to this link back in 2007 and tell me now whats so average about that PC that you built back then.


$535 CPU: Core 2 Quad Q6600 (cheapest)
$319 GPU: 8800GT 512mb (cheapest back then)
$319 GPU: 8800GT 512mb

Also, i haven even included the Ram, motherboard and other peripherals prices. That PC that you built would easily go over $2000.

Hozi2690d ago

The circle valves are on both versions. Look closely. tanks seem to be in diff. positions.

The Console versions looks great imo. So I'll still get in for PS3. Wish we could get both Crysis 1 and 2 on 1 blu ray disc.

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CaliGamer2691d ago

Aw man.... here we go.

This is a great test. If PC gamers are indeed as mature as they think they are, a few things will happen.

A) They will be happy that all gamers get to experience this arguably great game.

B) Logic will prevail, and it will be obvious to them as everyone else that consoles and PCs are not geared to be on par graphically.

C) This game is years old, these comparisons will be deemed useless and they all will move on.

Let's see which of the above fails to be true first. Should be fun.

Letros2690d ago

PC gamers don't really give a shit if PC game goes to consoles, it's when a PC game is held back due to consoles that causes a ruckus.

Crysis was an amazing game(so much better than Crysis 2), and now console owners can experience it and stop saying that it was just a tech demo.

zero_cool2690d ago

Wrong consoles don't hold back pc game studios do it by choice because most likely they don't have the time,money or resources to pay extra special attention to just pc hardware when it comes to multi platform games so either deal with it or don't buy that particular game!

Letros2690d ago

Oh I don't buy those games, there are plenty of amazing titles on PC that haven't been consolized, I play SC2 almost everyday.

D3 is a prime example of what I said however, there's a high chance of it coming to consoles and it will be adapted accordingly, however the initial release is PC only and built from the ground up with PC in mind, no complaints, everyone is happy.

Kurylo3d2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

hence consoles holding studios back because it has to run well on consoles to make real money.

wsoutlaw872690d ago

no thats just a lack of pc sales compared to consoles holding them back

Pjuice2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

@ wsoutlaw87 that was years ago when they had no clue on how much money steam was making because they have no way to track it now that gabe newell is in forbes as one of the richest men in the world devs are changing the way they think about pc sales steam sales rock and devs make tons of money off them no cd's to make no middle man (retail stores such as gamestop) console will start trying to go more digital also it makes buying used games a pain and in the end devs make more money pc usually sets the trend on how console systems and games end up being, now tons of multi plats are coming back to pc and getting better features and better graphics, but its still patch work wish the devs would build the engine for pc then port it to console, this would make the most sense since pc is the more powerful system.

SnotyTheRocket2690d ago

Why is Battlefield 3 not being held back by consoles? Or is it? I don't have an Amazing CPU, mine can barley run Minecraft.......

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LightofDarkness2690d ago

Or we could see someone try to institute a field of pre-set criteria and responses, which are engineered to invariably lead to an outcome in the favour of said someone, all to gain some puerile satisfaction gained from people thinking they are "right" on the internet and obviously more mature and intelligent than everyone else?

Do you not see the contradiction? Pointing out the flaw of another while simultaneously demonstrating the same flaw?

lelo2play2690d ago

LOL... sorry!!!... but i find it funny when someone says "all gamers get to experience this arguably great game"... but as soon as exclusives of their console of choice goes multplatform, all hell breaks loose!!!!
Just imagine if Uncharted, LBP, Gears, Forza, etc, whent multiplatform.

Mr-Dude2690d ago

I agree..
Can u imagine if HALO goes to the PS3...

Or Uncharted goed mutiplatform...

MY GOD! All hell breaks loose

floetry1012690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Crysis is by all accounts a great game that should be experienced by everyone, at least, everyone with a PC that can handle it.

My gut feeling is that it should have been left alone. Crysis is synonymous with PC gaming. By cashing-in and squeezing the game onto consoles, it demeans the initial impact Crysis had and only offers a truncated experience for console players. The point of releasing Crysis in the first place was to display the future tech in all its glory, and by all accounts it's still the holy grail when it comes to visuals. To have it cut down for the console market undermines the forward-thinking release that it was in '07.

Consider that. The game was released in 2007, and it's still virtually unmatched by any game on the market (at least until Battlefield 3 drops).

LightofDarkness2690d ago


Metro 2033 and The Witcher 2 certainly give it a run for it's money, IMO.

Kurylo3d2690d ago

your opinion is wrong :/

lelo2play2690d ago

LOL... i still remember when all hell broke loose when FF13 was announced for the X360 !!!

Aloren2690d ago

I agree with LightofDarkness. Dunno about Metro 2033 but witcher 2 definitly looks better than Crysis.

fcpthebest2690d ago

Both metro and witcher 2 look better than crysis, especially metro on ultra dx11 with tesselation. I think is something that is expected, bcause crysis came out in 2007.

Ravenor2690d ago

Yep, Metro and Witcher 2 look great.

But let me know when you get to the part in Witcher 2 where it wasn't a bunch of small areas, the same can be said of Metro.

Crysis does more, it does more then it's own sequel.

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sikbeta2690d ago

How a person could be "mature" when he thinks is better than everyone else based on his gaming-rig? the "master race"? come on...

-Alpha2690d ago

It's funny that console gamers tell PC gamers to be mature about a PC game going multiplatform when not too long ago PS3 gamers were getting pissed off with the MGS collection going to the 360

PCE2690d ago

Double standards of manchild PS3 fanboys. As a PC elite I am happy console gamers will have a chance to experience a great game we PC gamers have been playing for years. Fanboyism serves no other purpose than to stir up pointless controversy.

PCE2690d ago

No bud, we PC elites have other priorities in gaming than to bitch about exclusives. We couldn't care less. PC gamers play games for the freedom PC has to offer that consoles don't like mod support, home dedicated servers, 1080P 60FPS glory, etc. We're satisfied with having the superior versions that usually cost $10 less.

Console gamers? Look at FFXIII, irate manchild PS3 fanboys lost an exclusive. Look at MGS Collection, even more irate PS3 fanboys, even though Nintendo had the MG series long before Sony entered the console market. These are the gamers that are not mature and need to grow up.

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Shaman2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

This is not vanilla Crysis 1,this is modded one.I should know since I played it like 20 times on my PC...
Here is all high,4xMSAA and AF from PC.

And be sure its jaggier experience in 1080p,this is downsampled.

console verison with CE3 definitely has great lighting.

lastdual2690d ago

Nice pic to put things in perspective. Still, the foliage reduction is pretty extreme for the console version. Hopefully some of the jungle areas still feel fairly dense.

john22690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Actually, you can simply tweak the SSAO and get similar results with the article picture. For example, here are some Crysis shots where I simply played with the SSAO values back in 2007 (nothing really difficult TBH and we are talking about Vanilla Crysis. No mods and no texture packs). The difference though - compared to the default settings - is huge:

Criminal2690d ago

Wow, thanks for linking these.

Eyesoftheraven2690d ago

Here is a high quality video comparison between vanilla PC crysis 1 at the highest setting and the new console version:

Bob5702690d ago

I don't mean to be an ass, but Crysis goes up to Very High, not just High.

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capcock2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Nice that it comes to console gamers who are interested, but I have a feeling that the game won't sell good at all for the consoles.


do u seriously think many people will buy it? game isn't even that fun, I just play with the physics and run around in the photo-realistic environment and kill some koreans when I play it xD

it's more like a toy than a game imo

Kurylo3d2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Its one of my favorite games of all time... singleplayer and multiplayer. Maybe you just sucked at it.

Gohadouken2690d ago

I dont like crysis , and indeed found it to be more a graphical benchmark than a game for my tastes , but let's not pretend its crap .

It's still areally well done game , and if people wanna put it above for its technical qualities , then so be it .

SugarSoSweet2690d ago

I actually pefer the gameplay of Crysis 1 as it was more free roam sandbox like

2pacalypsenow2690d ago

i agree i was just looking at the beautiful graphics the whole game it took me like a month to finish cuz i just stoped playing it then i went back just to finish it, the story was ok nothing great

EdwardS0872690d ago

Awe, man now there are no Pc exclusives! lol Im glad to see others get a chance to play this game. Yes, it looks gross on the consoles (had to throw that in there CaliGamer lol) and you owe it to yourself to play it on PC as it still is one of the best looking games to date--way ahead of it's time. If they put a multi-player component in it, I may pick up a copy.

Just before this argument starts: it will look the same on PS3/360 as neither are suited to optimize the engine.